Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mama Kat's assignment for this week got to one of my favorite topics to blog about - my top 10 absolute worst pet peeves. So, without further pause, and in no particular order ...

10. People who don't use turn signals! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! I know I'm smart, but I haven't developed that 6th or 7th sense in which I can read your mind and know exactly where you're going to turn ... seriously, how hard is it? Am I asking for too much?

9. Politics ... I'm so sick of both parties at this point. I get this feeling that you're both in the pockets of big corporations, and are never really looking out for the people who voted you in. Plus, you are all more concerned of the "party line" than actually doing something constructive for the country.

8. Reality television ... ENOUGH ALREADY! My wife recently informed me that she watches a show about a tanning salon ... seriously? How did this even get on the air? I almost threw up in my mouth at this realization.

7. Philadelphia FM radio - You wonder why people are listening to their IPods, Sirrius Satellite, or other technologies (my choice is the Slacker - look it up!). You spend all this money on trying to figure out what the most people will like that you pretty much end up not appealing to anybody because (a) the songs are overplayed, (b) your playlists are so small, and (c) the sound of the bands that you play all sound exactly the same. I hate you ... except for Preston and Steve.

6. The national media portraying Philadelphia fans as neandrethals (not sure if I spelled that right). Sure, there are a few fans who are moronic ... these are the same ones who were tipping over cars in Center City when the Phils won ... or those Eagles fans who dress up like its Halloween every weekend and try to pick fights with opposing team's fans. You are idiots and your devotion is so misguided. But, back to the national media - seriously, enough already with the snowballing of Santa Claus - that happened in the 1950's when the team was beyond awful ... get over it! It happens in EVERY major sports city. Why is it "devotion to your team" when it happens in New York or Chicago, but it's "those idioitic Philly fans" when it happens here?

5. Drivers who go really slow in the passing lane, combined with those drivers that don't even know they have a brake ... it's a recipe for disaster, and this is why many accidents happen. Show some respect to other drivers.

4. Restaurants that are either the name of a color I never heard of or the name of a number ... I'm pretty sure I won't like your food or your "ambiance."

3. Country music - I can't figure it out. How come so many people are listening to this now? I liked it a lot better when it was a niche sound, but now its mainstream, and it makes my ears bleed. The guitar twang ... the country music accent (not sure how else to describe it), the songs about losing your job, your woman, or your dog ... enough already!

2. NASCAR - I'll never understand it ... ever. I hate the fact that ESPN has a whole section dedicated to it during Sportscenter and even has NASCAR shows ... I hate that I have to seen these commercials during NFL football games ... the only NASCAR thing I liked was a NASCAR racing game I had for one of my gaming systems years ago ... THAT'S IT!

1. I absolutely hate this whole "politically correct" atmosphere that is drowning our society. The fact that stores are afraid to put up any decorations that say "Christmas" irks me to no end. The fact that people are afraid to say anything for fear of somebody like Al Sharpton coming out and calling them racist makes my blood boil. The pendulum has swung so far to the one side that you might get sued if you sneeze nowadays.


Anonymous said...

awww you don't like NASCAR? :-( I'm not a fanatic though... so does that help?

Ditto on the driving peeves.

Good list all in all

Jeff said...

10. Turn signals: cars in Philly don't come equipped with them.

9. Politics: both parties seem hell-bent on repealing the law of supply and demand. Next up: gravity, then thermodynamics.

8. Reality TV: I used to think Philly radio was the best ad for Books on Tape. Competition has arrived.

7. Philly radio: See above.

6. Philly fans' image: Plenty of other bad fans ... but we could stop quacking if we don't want to be called a duck.

5. Passive-aggressive driving: in Philly? Get out.

4. Restaurants: Also any place touting its "artisan"-ness.

3. Country music: not my thing either. But, unlike reality TV, there are other stations, so big deal. Country rap is hysterically bad.

2. NASCAR: Anything that makes people loathe ESPN is probably a good thing.

1. PC: This is OURRRRRRRRRRRRR country!

snowelf said...

Hehehe! Los, I love it when you get on a rant. I HATE the turn signals thing too! How lazy do you have to be to not use them??


Rhonda said...

I'm totally with you on those!! Especially 1, 9 and 10!!!

I say Merry Christmas to people and if they choose to come back with "Happy Holidays" I'm totally fine with that. I won't be offended. We ARE multi-cultural, are we not???

Does it worry anyone that we can celebrate Halloween (technically "evil" spirits) and not Jesus (uh, yeah, the "good" one) in our public schools?


Melissa said...

Great list.... #9 for sure... I never got into the whole NACAR thing either... can't get interested in watching cars drive in circles for hours, maybe bumping here or there....???

Ink and Stone said...

I'm down with all of your pet peeves, Los.

As for #9, the more people who get pissed off at the two corporate parties, the better. Hopefully, these same people will register and vote independent from now on.

Michelle said...

Love your Peeves! I don't know what it is about we ladies and the reality TV. I know I the day I started watching LA Tan I realized I had gone off the deep end. :)

Kelly said...

NASCAR is TERRIBLE! I am giving you a big high five on that one!! I should go back and add that one to my list!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

I agree with them all except for the country music one! lol sorry, better not visit my blog!

Denise said...

I am so sick of the politics too! I hate nascar although my sister in law is OBSESSED with it. I don't quite get it! The turn signal thing irritates the living you-know-what out of me too! :)

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Seems like everyone hates people who don't use their turn signals and slow drivers. I hate drivers who yield the right of way. those are the people who cause accidents. DO NOT YIELD THE RIGHT OF WAY

Sometimes Sophia said...

You don't feel strongly about this stuff, do you? I wasn't aware that there is a reality show dealing with tanning salons. Pretty sad.... but you made me laugh.

Straight talk. I love it!!

Sam said...

The driving peeve - oh my god yes - that bothers me too!! As does the political correctness, I am all for being polite but to call Christmas "Winterval" or some other horrible name is just awful!!!

Anonymous said...

So, how do you really feel? Come on...don't hold back.

I take it your from Philly? I agree with everything except reality tv (love it cause it's NOT reality) and the philly stuff...just cause I don't understand cause I'm not there.

I don't get Nascar or its fans either.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good list. It encourages me that the same things that give me the irrits in Australia are just as irritating to people elsewhere.

Superstar said...

Hey, I resemble your country music PP...LOL I heart you anyway!!!

I think, that directional on cars are extra now...voice activation NOT included!!! heheheheh

laura bacon said...

Great list! I think Nascar and Country Music go together. I totally don't understand their cult-following. Aack!!

Mama Kat said...

Reality TV is hip and happening. Tanning Salons are hysterical. Get with it.