Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's Good to be a Philadelphian ... for once!!!!!

25 years ... 25 years of futility ... 25 years of futility for the four major sports franchises in Philadelphia ... all of that washed away this past week.

The Phillies lifted whatever curse that had blanketed itself on top of Billy Penn back in 1983, and, in a way, saved the city ... at least the sports fans of this city. But, in a way, I think this covers more than just sports fans in Philly ... this city NEEDED something like this ... a positive experience. We've had an ego problem for far too long ... and this does wonders for the confidence of a city that always seems to find a way to bungle something up.

When game 5 of the World Series got rained out in the 6th inning, I got this awful feeling ... this was a game we should've won, but for some reason, the gods wouldn't let it happen. In the long and illustrious history of the World Series, a game was never, ever suspended due to bad weather. If the Phillies lost that game, and ended up losing the World Series, I probably would've been convinced that this city was never going to win a championship again. Thankfully, not even mother nature could stop this march.

I was at a bar on Mac Dade Blvd to watch the final three innings of the game. Unlike most baseball games that go 9 innings, every pitch in this game counted ... every pitch in this game stressed me out ... And the best part was that I could get to sleep at a decent hour ... or so I thought. When Brad Lidge (Mr. Lights Out) threw that final pitch, he celebration spilled onto MacDade Blvd ... fans from all over the area either rushed out to the street, or drove up and down the street high fiving the fans. It seemed like everybody was there ... with the exception of that 800 pound gorilla that took the first train out of the area.

Hugging strangers ... watching streakers ... drinking beer on the side of a busy street next to a police officer ... not getting to sleep until well after midnight ... it was all worth it. Unfortunately, I never was able to make it to the parade ... which had an estimated 2 million frenzied fans in attendance ... I taped it, and I watched it, and yes, I had tears in my eyes ... but for once they weren't tears of misery. Congratulations, Phillies!


scargosun said...


We truly deserved it.

Lisa said...

Our city is glowing thanks to our Phillies!!! It is indeed a great time to be a Philadelphian.


Jeff said...

Thank goodness! That I missed the streakers, that is.

Skipping the parade was just as well. SEPTA reminded us why we attach so much self-worth to our sports teams.

Hopefully next year's parade is better run!

Rainman said...

I was rooting for the Phillies the whole time. When it got rained out I had the same nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. To watch them get that final out and the pitcher fall to his knee's was very cool. To be there and experience that had to be very very surreal.

I was at Detroits ALCS final series game a few years ago against the hated always Yankees. When we won that game you would have thought we hit the Lotto and won WS at the same time. People were high fiving each other in the streets, girls were flashing, beer was flowing it was a great memory.

Ink and Stone said...

"every pitch in this game stressed me out" Seriously?

Massive amounts of beer and/or liquor (not necessarily in that order) helps with that problem, ya know. ;)

Heff said...


-B- said...

When that last pitch was swung on and missed - that was a great time to run out on that huge bar tab, Los!! Perfect timing!!
What a fantastic end to a great season - Loved watching the parade (unfortunately I was watching it online at work), and I teared up a bit too. Great rally in the park as well. It will be hard to top this season. Way to go Phillies and Uncle Charlie!

El Padrino said...

your a good person los

Reverse said...

The best three innings of baseball ever! The riddle this weekend has been what Philly franchise is going to win next?

Sunshine said...


Los said...

Scargosun - I'm still not sure if I believe it!

Babs - Now, let's go Penn State!

Jeff - Septa once again drops the ball ...

Rainman - It was awesome to finally experience this!

Ink - Oh, beer was consumed ...

Heff - Thanks, my man!

B - Was IMDG all Phillied out?

ElP - Thanks, man. I didn't know what to do with myself after the last pitch.

Reverse - I think Fox wants all games to be 3-4 innings now.

Sunshine - Right back at ya for that big Steelers win!