Sunday, January 31, 2010

Song of the Week

OKGO has the potential to be as big as the Killers in my opinion ... the thing is, they haven't released albums at the rapid rate the Killers have over the past few years. In fact, OKGO's last release was their moderately successful "Oh No" album, which features the song, "Here it Goes Again." The cd itself is fantastic almost all the way through, and really should've gotten more air play in the U.S. Of course, that's why it would've been great for OKGO to release a cd maybe in 2007 to continue pushing the momentum. They have a new album they either just released or will be releasing shortly, and unfortunately, I haven't heard any songs from it. But I digress.

I was playing Band Hero the other night, and as luck would have it, an OKGO song is featured on it - I played the crap out of this song a few years ago, and tired of it (I also tired of the entire album for the same reason). But, thanks to Band Hero, I was re-introduced to this diddy, and began liking it again. The song, A Million Ways to be Cruel is probably a little darker than some of their other songs, but is still toe-tappingly fun.

Featuring a strong bass-line backbone, this song weaves catchy guitar riffs in and out, and a refreshingly erratic drum rhythm that somehow works well. Lead singer Damian Kulash rattles off word after word in a fast but rhythmic way - "Sit back, matter of fact, teasing, toying, turning, chatting, charming, hissing, playing the crowd," and continues the feverish pace throughout the song (which makes it a tad difficult to follow on Band Hero).

And OKGO seems to have a great sense of humor, as demonstrated by the video to this song.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fast Food Corner

So, Burger King is planning on opening a beer-selling "Whopper Bar" in South Beach, Florida. My initial thought was ... well ... nothing, really. I had visited a McDonalds in Germany years ago, and they served beer there ... I thought that was kind of cool, but I wasn't even sure what kind of "McBeer" it was. The point is, if I'm really in the mood for a beer with my burger, I'm not going to go to McDonalds to get it.

BUT, the Burger King "Whopper Bar" has the potential of being different. Sure, right now they'll only be serving Miller and Bud products ... and, in my opinion, that's a shallow focus. Maybe they want to take a conservative approach at first. But, why not make a "Hooters" style Burger King bar/restaurant in which you can hang out, watch sports, and order/eat Burger King "bar food?" Have a full bar complete with beer (other varieties besides Bud and Miller), and liquor/wine. I would totally go for this!

I guess the main question is, will they have a drive through? On a side note, other places that the Whopper Bar may be opening are Vegas and New York. I guess Philly will have to wait ....

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Late Night Wars ... Continued

As most of you probably know already, NBC has made the decision to buy Conan O'Brien's contract out, and give back the Tonight Show to Jay Leno. Certainly, there would've been criticism no matter what NBC would've done (for instance, if they would've let Jay Leno go). But, NBC got themselves into this years ago, by brokering a deal in which Leno was going to retire and O'Brien would take over the Tonight Show.

It sounds to me like at the time, Leno figured he'd be ready to retire, but as the time approached, he decided he wanted to continue. Or maybe NBC forced Leno to do this back then, because they were in danger of losing Conan. Maybe it's a combination of both. In my opinion, the person who got screwed in this situation was Conan - sure, he received a sizable settlement on this, but I'm guessing that Conan really wanted to keep his role of "host of the Tonight Show," the greatest spot on late night television.

And Leno smells like a rat in this. He wouldn't go away like he said he was going to do. And remember, he was in a late night "scandal" back when Carson retired. The show really should've gone to Letterman - he was next in line. But somehow, Leno weaseled his way into the host's chair. NBC seems to be spineless as well. Instead of doing the right thing (in both situations), they kow-towed to Leno for some reason. My hope (and probably the hope of most younder Americans) is NBC falls flat on their face with this move and that Conan builds some sort of late-night super show on another network (like Fox, perhaps?).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment! This week, I chose the following prompt: Share one piece of great advice you’ve received from someone who knows stuff…
I've learned a lot of stuff from smart people over the years. Here are the top 5 pieces of advice I learned (in no particular order):

1. Don't be afraid to walk out of the door of a car dealership when shopping for a car, even if the salesperson says that he'll never be able to offer you a specific price again.

2. Put the seat back down!

3. A true sports fan follows his/her home teams.

4. Pick friends very carefully.

5. Think for yourself. Do research to support your decisions, and don't pull down a big lever when voting.

Wacky News

Two weeks of overblown Superbowl hype ... it's FAN-tastic.

1. On a women who had a blood-alcohol level of .708 pleading guilty on two drunken driving charges after she was found passed out behind the wheel of a stolen delivery van along an Interstate highway.
"Hic .... I thought that delivery van ... hic ... was my Prius."

2. On Australia's first video-game nightclub openng in Brisbane next month.
"Hey there beautiful... Can I interest you in a game of Elevator Action or Tempest?",23739,26608844-3122,00.html

3. On Bristol Palin demanding that her "baby dady" pay $1700 a month child support.
"OK, show of hands. Who is tired of the Palin family?"

4. On FOX News not airing the Haiti benefit.
"I'm sure there was an important Sarah Palin story they needed to cover."

5. On NBC finally letting Conan O'Brien go in favor of Jay Leno.
"Well, nobody can acuse NBC of being short-sight..... oh wait, nevermind."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fast Food Corner

I was asked to "conduct research" on the Taco Bell "Drive-Thru Diet." Always up for a challenge, I will take on this challenge soon (this week, hopefully). For those that are not familiar with this campagin, Taco Bell has jumped on board the "healthy fast food" express train.

The menu includes mainly flour-tortillas (soft taco or burrito) filled with lettuce, healthy salsa and meat. Since, I'm not a beans kind of guy, I'll conduct research on the healthy tacos. You can see the menu by clicking here.

It seems Taco Bell got this idea from the successful Subway "Jarred" campaign in which a person lost a lot of weight by choosing to eat only healhty foods at one specific restaurant. In Taco Bell's case, a lady by the name of Christine decided that she wanted to lose weight, but not give up fast food (most of us probably fit into this category, right?). She decided that she would order the "healthier" foods off of the Taco Bell menu, and she cut over 500 calroies out of her diet. In two years she lost more than 50 pounds.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dope or Nope

In the past 10 years or so, NASCAR's popularity has grown remarkably. Once a sport that was popular in the south but more of a novelty in the north, it is now not uncommon to see people wearing shirts and jackets with familiary NASCAR numbers (24, and 3 for example) or cars featuring said numbers all over the country.

Talk of moving some NASCAR races into "unfamiliar" northern territories like New York City has been heating up the last few years. There are a couple of races in the Poconos and Dover Delaware that are now hugely attended. The sport is now challenging the 4 major U.S. sports for fan support and dominance.

So, what do you guys think of NASCAR? Personally, I can't stand it. I've tried watching and have been bored out of my skull. Maybe it's because I don't know (or refuse to learn) the intricacies of the sport. Maybe it's because it's too closely related to country music. For whatever reason, I hate it, and I hate that it takes a prominent role on SportsCenter (and ESPN for that matter).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Song of the Week

It's hard to believe that the Cure has been around since 1976 ... that's nearly 35 years. This band was ath the forefront of the "post-punk" and "new wave" revolution, delivering many memorable new wave hits such as "Boys Don't Cry" and "Just Like Heaven." Robert Smith and his band is no longer really ... um ... popular or at the top of their game, but they certainly are very inspirational to a lot of the current "Brit-Pop" bands and others.

For example, my favorite Cure song is "in Between Days" came out in 1985, has been redone by Ben Folds in recent years (and, the remake is really good, actually). The sound of the song is very poppy and upbeat with acoustic guitar strumming mixed with Cure trademarked synth-riffs. However, the lyrics don't really match the uppity sound - painting a darker picture of aging and losing relationships (another Cure trademark). Maybe it's that uncommon mixture that strikes me ... I'm not really sure, but for some reason, I connect to this song.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

80's Corner

A fad that included such moves as "The Worm," and "The Windmill." Using cardboard boxes, cutting them up and placing them on the floor to create a "dance-floor." Parachute pants. What am I talking about? Breakdancing, of course. The craze really only lasted a couple of years, but in that time, it seemed like everybody breakdanced, or at least wanted to.

I tried it, and I was awful. I guess I didn't have the right clothes ... or maybe it was the lack of a big enough boom-box ... maybe it wasthe wrong cardboard. Whatever it was, I was envious of he people who could take control of a room by breakdancing.

There were a few movies that came out in the 1980's that glamorized break-dancing ... the one that sticks out the most to me was "Breakin'." The fad eventually faded, but many breakdancing moves were incorporated into other dances, and I bet there are still some groups out there that are trying to revive breakdancing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wacky News Stories

I know some people wish that every day was Friday, but wouldn't that mean that every day would be a work day?

1. On an ice-cream parlor that has more than 860 flavors of ice cream.
"Yes, I'll have the Herring and Strawberry swirl please."

2. On Denver Public School officials are apologizing after a parent complained that a school lunch meant to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was stereotypical and offensive, reported KMGH-TV - The lunch was to include southern-style chicken, collard greens and a biscuit in honor of King.
"Looks like they may have to cancel the afternoon KKK parade."

3. On an 11-year-old boy who is being praised by Lawton police after he called 911 to report his mom and her boyfriend were dealing drugs from their home.
"Looks like this kid's going to get grounded!"

4. On an Ohio police officer talking a boy into going to school.
"Maybe the cop should talk the parents into parenting."$50148

5. On a story about the death of book-stores.
"Great, next thing you'll tell me is that 8-tracks are dead!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem ...

We have a small issue at work. Well, maybe it's only me that notices it, but anyway ... Our building is separated into quadrants. Each quadrant has its own set of bathrooms. My department is on the third floor - we have the quadrant with the kitchen. Another department is in the other quadrant, and they share our kitchen area.

Now, the thing is that the people in the other department really only need to come into our department when they need to use the kitchen, right? However, one "gentleman" has begun using our bathroom - mainly to do "number 2." He comes by every afternoon - this is apparently now his bathroom of choice, for whatever reason.

I notice this, and for some reason it bothers me. Maybe, it's because we don't have access to their quadrant, so I can't do the same. Maybe it's just that it's like a moral issue in my mind. I'm not really sure what the deal is. What are your thoughts on this?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dope or Nope

I'm a guy who can be a traditionalist from time to time. I have these "traditional" tendencies when it comes to food. For example, I have trouble with food combinations that combine foods meant for different meals in the day - like Steak and eggs. Now, I love steak, and I love eggs. But, to me, steak is for dinner, and eggs are for breakfast ... and the two should NEVER be put on the same plate.

I think it's ok to have "breakfast for dinner" nights in which you the bacon and eggs, BUT the main rule is not to mix the meals. What are your thoughts on this.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fast Food Corner

A few coworkers of mine were dead-set against me trying the latest "innovation" from McDonalds - the Mac-Wrap. The coworkers asserted that the Big Mac was nothing to mess with - the burger itself was the picture of perfection, and any "experiments" done with it was sacrilege.

So, based on this, you get the idea that the Mac-Wrap is a spin on the Big Mac ... a moe "healthy" spin, in which the buns were replaced by the wrap, but the other main ingredients are still included. Another point of contention from the coworkers was that the beef patty is cut up into little pieces (apparently, another no-no when it comes to the Big Mac).

But, I decided that this blog was bigger than that - I had to move forward and try the Mac-Wrap ... I know that my readers are depending on me. So, I moved forward, made the purchase ... and ... much to my surprise, I actually liked this sandwich. Nope, it's not as good as the Big Mac, but it's a good, healthy alternative ... of course, the fries make up for the healthiness.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Song of the Week

I went to see a Rolling Stones tribute band at the Keswich theatre last night - and though nothing beats the real thing, these guys pulled off a great show. So, since (a) I'm a huge Stones fan, and (b) I saw a tribute band in concert (and heck, it's my blog, dammit!), I'm choosing a Stones song as the song of the week.

A true Rolling Stones fan appreciates more than just the mainstream hits (you know, like Honky Tonk Woman, Start Me Up, etc.). My favorite Stones song performed by Keith Richards is an often-forgotten diddy from 1978's masterpiece - Some Girls. The song ... "Before They Make Me Run." Allegedly, the song is in response to an incident in Toronto in which Keith Richards was almost jailed for an extended period of time ... an incident which almost broke up the band.

The song features Richards as lead singer, but also on the bass guitar (not the normal instrument of choice for Richards). Additionally, Mick Jagger is in the roll of background vocals (also not the usual for the front-man). It's a straight up rocker of a song, and will be sure to have you tapping your toes.

This song was never released as a single, and there was never a video created. However, that has never stopped people from getting creative on Youtube:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

80's Corner

Fruit Rollups were a big craze in the 1980's - fruit snacks that looked like colored paper ... who would've thunk it? This innovative product came out when I was in grade school, so you know I was all about carrying thther e rollups!

I'm not really sure if I even enjoyed the taste of the fruit rollups so much as I enjoyed the fact that I actually had fruit rollups in my possession ... if that makes any sense. After all, these fruit rollups ended up sticking to the roof of my mouth all of the time, and it really didn't satisfy me (like a Snickers bar would), but still, I requested said fruit rollups ... in a way, it was like a status symbol.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekly Homework Assignmet

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment! This week, I chose the following quote: Time for your tangent…what is your latest complaint?

Well, I don't like to complain (insert sarcastic joke here), but I REALLY am getting annoyed with reality shows ... wait, I've complained about this before?!?!? Oh yeah, right, I did. But man, has it gotten worse. I thought for sure at some point reality tv shows would eventually disappear (kind of like the evidence against Kobe Bryant during that rape case a few years ago ....) Sadly, it continues to gain steam.

An example is Jersey Shore (or whatever it's called). Really? A reality show about knuckleheads from a beach town in Jersey? And people are embracing this? Really? Wait, there's a guy with the nickname "The Situation," and people actually like him? Really? And now, these ass-hats are now infiltrating tv shows I watch (like when the Situation was a guest on Sports Nation)?

This, along with those "Real Housewives" shows that are spreading throughout towns quicker than those CSI shows ... man, I think we've reached a point of no return with bad tv. I shudder to even think what reality shows are on the docket in the future. I came up with some ideas I thought were outlandish a while ago (like a reality show about a bait and tackle shop), but at this point, I'm not so sure anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch some professional wrasslin'.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weird News

My goodness, almost two weeks gone in January? Really? Where's the brakes!

1. On D.C. cops being allowed to arrest you for carrying more than one condom.
"Well, as long as we're still allowed to carry more than one firearm ...."

2. On Wild Turkey being blamed for a power outtage.
"Man, thank goodness Captain Morgan didn't have anything to do with it!"

3. On a man being arrested for fondling himself at an area Starbuck's.
"Normally, the company is doing the fondling by the outrageous prices they charge ...",gresham-man-charged-with-indecency-010810.article?=frap

4. On a decision to drop charges against a 10-year-old yob who admitted stabbing a teacher in the chest with a pencil and assaulting two other staff.
"Maybe we can compromise by giving the kid a time-out."

5. On a man being charged with drunken snowblowing.
"There's gonna be a lot of sad snowmen tonight ..."

Song of the Week

As many of you already know, The Who will be the halftime attraction during this year's Super Bowl, continuing a streak of aging rock-stars headlining the big game - The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen were some of the others that followed up Janet Jackson's boob.

Some people think this is a travesty, and admittedly, the NFL has gotten very, very conservative with their choices (hmmmph, who would've thought the Stones and the Who would ever be considered conservative and safe ... a topic for another blog). But, I'm excited for the Who, even if 2 of the members have died. They are one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time (The Stones are by far my favorite, and I really dig the Kinks too).

In fact, I heard one of their songs on the radio last night (which spurred me to blog about them) - Eminence Front. No, the song does not appear on a classic Who Album like Who's Next or Quadrophenia. And no, it didn't come out in the hey-day of the Who. This diddy came out during one of the last "creative" times of the Who, off of the album "It's Hard" in the early 1980's. (Sure, the Who have written more songs since, but very sporadically, and with hardly any success).

The song itself starts with percussian similar to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," and maybe Phil got inspired by this song. According to Wikipedia, the song "itself focuses on the hedonistic lifestyle that was prevalent during the 1980s.[dubious – discuss] The lyrics concern a party in which people ignore their problems and merely try to hide behind a facade — an 'eminence front.'"

Monday, January 11, 2010

80's Corner

Remember the McKenzie Brothers? You know, the guys who were featured on SCTV back in the late 1970's? Wait, you don't know what SCTV is? Well, click here for a quick background. The McKenzie's were a group of Canadien .... ummmm ... hillbillies who loved to drink beer and watch hockey. Certainly not your typical premise for a movie.

Well, in the early 1980's, the McKenzie's were featured in a surprisingly successful, and quite funny, movie called Strange Brew. In a nut-shell, the McKenzie's somehow find a job working for a famous brewery that is putting mind-control substances in their beer. The unlikely duo find a way to save the day, producing hilariity throughout the way.

The movie produces many funny quotable lines, phrases, and words like "Hoser," and "Hose-hound." I think it was one of the first movies that made Americans appreciate. Canada. Also, it was one of the first "adult" movies I watched in the theatres (I'm an old man). You can find out more here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dope or Nope

Coupons. Need I say more? Oh, I do? OK, then! We get the Sunday paper mainly for the coupons (heck, I get all my news from the internet - I'm such a techie!). I spend the morning going through said coupons, clipping them, and sorting them in my "coupon folder."

It's time consuming - coupons come in different sizes and have differing expiration dates (why do they do this, by the way? Can't these coupon companies collaborate and come up with a uniform coupon size, and unifrom expiration dates? Clearly a topic for another blog!). Is it worth it? Great question! I guess my answer is ... ummm ... maybe?

We end up saving quite a bit of money when we combine the coupons with in-store sales. I've made it kind of a game, and I get ultra-competitive with this. But, I guess there is a time investment (opportunity cost) ... I mean, would it be better for me to spend all of this time doing something different like reading books, playing video games, working out, or helping in a soup kitchen? I'd rather not answer that. I have fun with it, so coupons are dope with me.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fast Food Corner

We have a convenience store in this area called Wawa. Basically, the store consits of items like soda, chips, pretzels, candy, cigs, and other heavily used items. The store also has a "made to order" section, where you can build your own hoagies (or subs or hereos, etc.) - types like turkey, tuna, chicken salad, cheese-steak, etc. The sandwiches are surprisingly good, mainly because Wawa doesn't skimp out on the rolls (the most overlooked part of the sandwich for many of these "delis").

Wawa also puts together a pretty good breakfast sandwich. In fact, they have many varieties they call "Sizzlis," including egg sandwiches with bacon, sausage or turkey sausage on muffins, biscuits, or bagels (and even pancakes now). These are pre-made, and sit on a heated surface near the counter, so one can easily get in line, and pick up a sandwich without the wait. From a convenience factor, these sandwiches are a plus. Also, they are very easy to eat whilst driving - a key must for any fast-food sandwich. And, the quality of the sandwiches matches up with sandwiches from McDonalds or any other fast-food restaurant.

So, if you're in the Philadelphia or tri-state area and you see a Wawa, check it out, and treat yourself to a sandwich (man, I should get some kind of Wawa coupon for this).

Friday, January 08, 2010

Weird News

Happy New Year All! I hope you had a safe and happy party, and that 2010 makes 2009 look like a turd.

1. On a Danish cartoonist who made the turban bomb cartoon depicting radical Islam as violent being attacked by a radical Muslim with an axe and a knife.
"Hmmmph ... that oughtta show that cartoonist and all the world!"

2.On a man in the U.S. who has 'bought' an item on Amazon with a price tag of nearly three billion dollars - just to see what would happen.
"I hope shipping and handling was included!"

3. On a girl who punched a guy in the nose after weird sex.
"That's what you get when you try to stick it in her ear ..."

4. On firefighters responding to a Utah trailer park blaze being hampered by 19 pet pythons.
"And, don't forget about all of those 'uncle-daddies!'"

5. On a man passing Out whilst cooking meth at a gas station.
"After that, he was planning on taking a bath in rocket fuel ..."

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fast Food Corner

In recent years, many hot dog restaurants have opened in the Philadelphia area ... I guess in the past many thought the only condiments you could put on a hot dog where mustard, relish, ketchup, and maybe onions and chili. But, no, there are so many more options available, and the good hot dog places have taken this to heart.

Take Johnnie's Dog House for instance. Located on the Main Line, the Johnnie's had to be "fancy" with their hot dog restaurant. And, they've not only survived, but thrived for many a year.

Types of hot dogs include:

The Classic Wisconsin Dog made with American & Cheddar Cheeses; The New York Style Classic with spicy brown mustard & sauerkraut or red spicy onion sauce, and my personal favorite - The Tijuana Dog with Jalapeno peppers, sport peppers, chopped onions with mouth burning HOT sauces ... nothing like having a good sweat when eating a hot dog!

You can click here for a full menu!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment (first of the year for me, baby!). For this week's prompt, I chose the following: 5.) Write about a heated argument you had with your parents (real or fictitious).

My parents were very strict ... I can probably thank my older brother for this ... he found all the lines, and jumped over them ... which caused my parents to tighten the reigns on me. It was probably for my own good (ok, it was definitely for my own good), but at the time, I didn't see it.

The main we had on a repeated basis was with regards to my curfew. My weekend curfew throughout high school was 11:00 PM on weekend nights. I felt that this was far too early. After all, most parties didn't really start until after 9:00, and didn't get going until around midnight, or so I was told. I especially liked the following phrase I heard over and over again - "Karl, you missed it!"

I argued, complained, whined, and cried. Nothing worked. I even put together good "defenses," claiming that my brainy friends were allowed to stay out longer than me. My parents never bought this (even though it was true). Not until late in my senior year did my parents ever bend on the 11:00 curfew, and it took a good friend of mine to basically be my "lawyer." He was well spoken, and for some reason, my parents trusted him more than anybody (including me), even though he was a major party animal. Go figure.

Dope or Nope

When I was growing up (man, I sound like an old man!), the national championship of college football was basically determined on New Years Day. All of the major bowl games where played on this day, and it was a MAJOR happening. The Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl ... all on the same day. It was pure heaven for the college football fan.

But slowly, some of the major bowls began playing after New Years Day ... first it was the 2nd, then the third ... now, let's fast forward to this year ... the national championship game is being played on January 7! Really? January 7? 6 days after New Years day? Really?

Now, there's a huge discussion/argument going on regarding bowl games and the fact that college football doesn't have a playoff system ... that's an argument for another day. Personally, I enjoy bowl games. But, I also can envision bowl games in addition to playoffs (having my cake and eating it too). But, I digress ...

I don't know where you stand on bowl games after New Years Day. I strongly dislike this, and think college football should come to an end on New Years day. Call me a traditionalist. Call me old. I don't care. I absolutely HATE bowl games after New Years Day! And, don't get me started on bowl games on FOX. They don't even show college football during the season. It's almost as disgraceful as NBC showing only Notre Dame games (again, a topic for another day).

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

80's Corner

Being a nerd really came into fashion in the 1980's ... especially with the advent of Dungeons and Dragons. Millions of prepubescent and early adolescent children found an escape from reality in this one-of-a-kind board game where dice rolls determined skill level, and dressing the part was all part of the game.

It was a Friday night ritual for millions of kids who couldn't get dates. A typical night included chips, pizza, and lots of soda. I'm sure it wasn't out of the ordinary to have some Rick Astley playing in the background.

Surprisingly, I never took part in D&D, but I did know quite a few people who were avid fans. However, I did play a game on the Commodore 64 called Telengard which was very similar to Dungeons and Dragons.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Song of the Week

You've probably heard a song by Phoenix without ever realizing you did. The song, 1901, is featured in a popular car commercial. Certainly, this song would've fit nicely into the 1980's new-wave era, much like many of the newer songs that I found myself gravitating towards.

The song itself is very synth-heavy, with backing guitar support, and a catchy chorus that repeats itself as it seemingly flies away (I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling).

The band is from France, but honestly, that's no reason to hate them. They are very talented, and have been around since 2000, releasing a handful of albums ... with each subsequent one more imporessive than the previous one. Certainly a band worth getting into.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Weird News Stories ...

Here's to hoping 2010 is better than 2009 (not saying 2009 was bad, but I always hope every new year is better).

1. On an aquarium lowering the water level in their tanks to prevent gas bubbles produced by turtle farts from triggering overflow alarms.
"Turtle farts? This would be such a great band name!!!"

2. On a new bylaw created to stop dogs from chasing squirrels and seagulls.
"Don't forget to look at article 37, that goes into great detail about ball-licking."

3. On a police officer who was caught driving at 98mph in a 50mph zone and claiming the speed limit was not enforceable because the signs were not lit.
"What a terrible 'cop-out' ... get it?"

4. On a robber was arrested while scoffing a chicken dinner at a restaurant he held up at gunpoint 20 minutes earlier.
"Hey Brittany! I think I found a good next husband for ya!"

5. On Charlie Sheen being charged with second degree assault and menacing.
"Man, I hope this finally spells thee end of 2 1/2 Men!"

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dope or Nope ...

We've been inundated with Tiger Woods stories for the past 3 weeks. It seems that no matter where you look, what radio station you are listening to, or what magazine you are reading, you'll probably see some Tiger Woods tidbit. It is arguably the biggest sports/scandal story of the decade.

My question is this - are you sick of it? I normally get nauseated by over-reporting on news stories, but for some reason, I'm fascinated by this. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's that German phrase, "Schadenfreude," which basically means having joy in other people's pain. Maybe it's because Tiger had that image of being perfect.

Perhaps it's his arrogance. The man is certainly one of the 5 or 10 most recognizable faces on the planet, right? How did he think he could possibly get away with sleeping around with close to 20 sluts while he was married? Seriously. Is he really THAT arrogant? I bet he has a powder blue body leotard with an S on the front and a red cape in his closet.

Definitely another reason is his arrogance with regards to how he handled this situation. He scolded the media for telling lies, then had to come out and say it was all true. Then, he talked about his right to privacy. Look, he has made so much money playing golf, and accepting sponsorships with seemingly dozens of companies, that his right to privacy pretty much ends at the front door of his house. Tiger, you can't have it both ways, my friend. You have no problems making a billion dollars on advertising and sponsorships, yet when it comes to paparazzi taking pictures of you, you shun the fame. Sorry bud, it doesn't work that way.

Anyway, obviously, I find this over-coverage as a major dope! What are your thoughts?

Friday, January 01, 2010

Fast Food Corner

The Sausage McMuffin with Egg ... possibly the greatest fast food breakfast item ever created. Why? Let me count the ways:

* First, it's easy to eat whilst driving ... probably the most important quality of a good fast-food sandwich.

* The muffin itself is very tasty and extra absorbant, like a sponge to all of that grease.

* The sandwich is a very, very good hangover remedy, soaking up the alcohol, and getting rid of headaches and queasiness.

* Don't forget the hashbrown that comes with the McMuffin ... it may be the greatest (and highest calorie) hashbrown ever created.

*** By the way, why is there no Bacon McMuffin? And, no, I'm not talking about the Egg McMuffin ... that's Canadian Bacon, which is far too similar to ham for my liking ... just saying.