Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ANother Reason To Hate Walmart!

Look, I’m not telling you where to shop or where not to shop, but I wanted to pass along a VERY dissatisfying experience I had recently with a store that many people probably frequent. Besides, getting this ridiculous frustration off of my chest will make me feel better. The store is Walmart.

Now, I watched a very disturbing video (I believe it was on the Starz channel) a few months ago about this “Monstropoly” of a store (yeah, I made that term up) – basically, the documentary states that Walmart comes into towns, makes absurd requests of the local government, threatens to leave, gets its way, kills off other smaller mom and pop stores, all while providing unfair wages and health benefits to its employees. It also went into the work facilities in China and other third world countries. So, the wife and I decided we would never shop there again.

Well, as luck would have it, we were looking for a Nintendo Wii (or two) on Black Friday. I woke up around 4:00 a.m. (call me crazy), and decided to check some online stores before I went out. I ended up checking out Walmart.com to see if they had any Wiis for sale. I searched for “Wii” and then checked under “Hardware.” To my surprise a price for a Nintendo Wii came up and it said it was available. I quickly purchased two of these …. Sadly, I didn’t realize these were gift cards for Wii’s. I contacted Walmart and told them of my mistake, but they said they had a policy of not refunding gift cards.

I flipped my lid. I know that I should’ve looked a little more carefully. However, I have two complaints. First, why is a gift card listed under the hardware section?? Second, why does Walmart need to have its own Wii gift card when Nintendo already makes gift cards for the Wii? Third, why couldn’t they refund this – I mean I contacted them right away. So, now I have two Wii gift cards and no Wiis. What the hell is up with this.

I immediately sent a complaint to them, informing them that I would check into what legal options I had. Then, I sent e-mails to local media outlets informing them of this issue (I know, they won’t do anything, because I’m sure Walmart gives them a lot of advertising revenue).

So, I hope that Walmart goes to hell, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


Jeff said...


Name the store where Los SHOULD shop ...

If Walmart is for people who can't afford to shop elsewhere, then what store is for people who can't read labels?

Could it be ... Walmart?

The Rev said...

From the Walmart website...

"Give your gamer the Wii Gift Card to buy the Nintendo Wii and accessories, online or in-store. It's so easy and there's no expiration date, so they can use it whenever they want! Receipt of Gift Card does not guarantee availability of Wii for purchase in all locations. No refunds or returns on gift card. "

Which means... you have no legal recourse. It's plainly stated.

Unless of course, it didn't say that before when you bought it.

Superstar said...

I know how you feel about Waly-World. I once had a bad experience and I went to another location. I refuse to go back to the location that I got bad service. AKA Black lady attitude because I a white chick am asking her to DO HER JOB...anyway, I don't care if it's a right hand turn or on the way...I will go OUT of my way to NEVER shop that location again...
I have choices.
I live in America.
I am pissed of white chicky hear me roar...not that I care if she were purple with yellow poka dots...apparently the feeling wasn't mutual...Oh well. NEXT!!!!

~rolls eyes~

sirgeb said...

I noticed that too and was wondering if anyone would do what you did. I thought it was sneaky as well- because someone in a hurry could certainly not read the entire page and realize it's just a gift card.

Maybe you can buy gift cards to other places with your walmart gift card, so at least you don't give them all of your cash-money? It could be worse, the only real downside is that you're pretty much forced to shop at walmart.

Maybe you can take this up with your credit card company?

Crassius Maximus said...


Reverse said...

Maybe NJ Gamestop will let you use yoru Walmart gift cards on their Wii.

-B- said...

Dude, I don't even know what to say - you might have something if one of the media outlets gets back to you because this thing is happening a lot....
Like sirgeb said - check it with your credit card company.

Good luck.
We'll keep our eyes open over here in Jersey - the Gamestop across the street has them in quite often.
You just have to be there within the first hour or so cause they're gone!

Lisa said...

I've been saying it for years ... they suck! Don't even bother with the Walmart in Soufilly -- it's the closest thing to urban jungle in existence.

Ink and Stone said...

From rev's post:
"Give your gamer the Wii Gift Card to buy the Nintendo Wii and accessories"

According to that, you could use the gift cards to still buy a Wii, right? That's what it sounds like to me.

And I agree with you, there is no reason a gift card should be in the hardware section. Kinda shady, no?

Los said...

Jeff - I can't even spell Walmart.

Rev - I only wish I was as smart as you.

Superstar - After I spend this $500 there, I'm never shopping there again.

Sir Geb - Walmart = Satan

Crass - I love Target!

Reverse - Again with the New Jersey comment!

-B- - I'm hoping Karma comes back and rubs its balls all over Walmart's head.

Lisa - I hear ya - I hate that Walmart most!

Ink - They have a bigger plan, I'm convinced!

snowelf said...

Oh Los.
Kick and Scream.
I worked for an eye doctor who filled in at WalMart on the weekends in StL.
This one time, this lady was unhappy with her glasses from WalMart. She threw a giant fit. And I mean giant. It was ridiculous. Every monday we'd get to work and our Doctor would have a new story for the "saga".
Finally, to shut her up, they gave her a TV.
I'm not kidding.

Good luck!!

Fellow Target Fan.