Sunday, November 18, 2007

What to Watch?

Thanksgiving week is finally upon us, and that means a short work week, football, and best of all, Turkey with family! We have a couple of traditions – one being going to the movies on Thursday night – after dinner. In the past, we’ve seen some really good ones, like Elf, Just Friends, and Borat. Of course, we’ve also seen some real clunkers. I think we might be in for another clunker this year, mainly because there really aren’t any decent movies out right now.

I guess the obvious choice, would be Fred Claus (can’t believe I’m saying that). Hey, it’s got Vince Vaughn in it, and he’s usually a sure thing. It’s also produced by the guys that brought us Wedding Crashers (a phenomenal movie). Plus, it’s a Christmas movie, so it should get us in the mood for the holidays. However, the previews I’ve seen haven’t really been all that inspiring.

American Gangster is out, and this looks like a fantastic movie … just not the type of movie one watches to get into the Christmas spirit.

Bee Movie is out, but from what I’ve seen, it just doesn’t look that funny. I think Jerry Seinfeld should really consider going back to TV.

Watching Beowulf would give us the opportunity to see Angelina Jolie naked … even if it is only a CGI version of her naked.

Other than that, I have no idea what to see. If any of you have suggestions, please pass them along.


minijonb said...

i finally went to go see Michael Clayton at the cheap theater this weekend. i liked it a lot. the whole cast was great. other than that, i don't think there's much out at the theaters right now.

just watch the Lions on Thanksgiving day and eat some turkey. enjoy your holiday!

Jeff said...

Pretty sad crop of movies. How about Netflix? Even self-dentistry would beat the Cowboys-Jets and Colts-Falcons games.

Lisa said...

I would vote for American Gangster. Better yet, how about a home screening of "Not Another Teen Movie?" ... Barbra Peapod

Steph said...

There is just nuthin worth watching lately. Maybe stay home with a trusty DVD favourite.

Ink and Stone said...

I've heard American Gangster is a very good movie, haven't seen it yet though. Definitely not something for Xmas spirit though.

sirgeb said...

The Thanksgiving movie has always been about seeing crappy movies. Basically everyone who goes has wildly different tastes in movies, so we end up seeing the one that offends the least amount of people. This approach has brought us such screen jems as:

Very Bad Things (1998)
Unbreakable (2000)
Solaris (2002)
Elf (2003)
The Polar Express (2004)
Just Friends (2005)

I can't think of the rest currently, but there were some terrible movies in that list.

-B- said...

Fred Clause - looks like a clunker.
I used to like him but now I think I'm Vinced-out. They're all the same characters he plays.

Beowulf would be the ultimate choice - find a theater that is showing it in Digital 3D, but buy your tickets online before you go as they might be sold out when you get there. (If the rumors are correct, the women might not be into the gore), but look at those polygons!!! Whoo!!

ToddPacker said...

have you thought about extending your holiday tradition to include your local xxx movie theater?

Reverse said...

Showtime is free this week in NJ. I just watched episode 1 of Californication. Mulder bangs four naked women and all of them are ten's. He even got a nun to blow him in a dream. It doens't get better than this. LOS grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the justified porn.

Fairmaiden327 said...

Los: I don't have your email. Can you send it to me?

Superstar said...

I SOOOO want to see Beowulf. I really don't want to see Angelina naked. I am not super turned on by bone w/ a psydo skin on it...I mean unless CGI add a few pounds for her...

She used to be HOT!
LOL ;o)

El Padrino said...


i guess Fred Claus is the obvious
choice for xmas

Crassius Maximus said...

American Gangster is solid, Los. It's kinda long, though. Very gritty.

Los said...

Minijonb - I heard Michael Clayton was good ... guessing it won't be around to see, though.

Jeff - Correct on both accounts.

Barbara - Not Another Teen Movie = Classic!

Steph - But, that wouldn't be tradition!

Ink - If only one of your crazy dreams was on the big screen!

Sir Geb - I'm guessing we'll have a huge choice of crappy movies, then.

-B- I'm guessing Beowulf will not be the final choice.

TP - It's worth "bringing up" I guess...

Reverse - Wait, I have Showtime!!!!

Fair Maiden - I will e-mail you today.

Superstar - Jolie has taken a nose-dive, sadly.

ELP - I'll have plenty of time this weekend to watch football.

Crass - Point taken. I'll pull for it.

snowelf said...

Los, I heard Dan in Real Life was good. Did you already see that?