Sunday, November 25, 2007

This and That ...

To really get into the “spirit” of Christmas, I figured I’d write down a few observations/annoyances from the past week.

1. You’ve probably heard of handlebar mustaches (think Rollie Fingers). I have no problems with these – in fact, depending on the person who decides to pull this one off, it can be kind of cool. However, I do have a problem with the handlebar eyebrow – I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before, until last week at work – an older gentleman was “wearing” his eyebrows this way. I found this slightly repulsive for some reason … kind of like the neck beard.

2. Black Friday shopping has gotten absolutely ridiculous. My wife and I decided to go out for this – we went to Target in Delaware (the home of tax free shopping), and the place was a zoo. You couldn’t even move in the store – never again.

3. Shopping for the Nintendo Wii has been an ordeal to say the least. My wife asked me in October what I wanted for Christmas. I had mentioned that the Wii would be cool. I didn’t think it would be this difficult to purchase, since it’s been out for a year. My bad – this thing has been tougher to get than Cabbage Patch Kids in the mid 1980’s. I was really close this morning – I went to Toys ‘R Us, and they had 30 of ‘em. I was 32nd in line. Many of these retailers are now selling the Wii in bundles – basically meaning, they are trying to get rid of sh*tty games whilst selling the Wii. I’m getting frustrated with this.

4. I really want to meet the guy who designed Wawa parking lots. He has made life difficult for many, many people in the Philadelphia area. I’m wondering if this guy (or gal) came up with the design as a joke, just wanting to see if the fine people at Wawa would actually agree to it. Wawa is lucky that it has good coffee.

5. I played football again on Black Friday (in the afternoon, after Christmas shopping). A few years ago, we scaled it back from tackle to two-hand touch … however, even after a few days, I feel like I was hit by a tank … ah, how good it feels to get old.

That’s it for now – I gotta prepare myself to watch the catastrophe that will be the Eagles annihilation tonight.


Jeff said...

1. Time to shave your palms again.

2. Amazon supposedly had an online Black Friday sale.

3. Can't get it online?

4. Try parking at Versailles (Cuban restaurant) on Venice Blvd in West LA with an oversized rental car.

5. No wonder you're trying so hard to get a Wii.

Eagles game: start drinking now.

minijonb said...

did you get any good video of fights at the stores on Black Friday? those can be more violent than hockey games.

Lisa said...

A good game, but I think I would've preferred the forecasted blowout. At least I would've turned off the TV and gone to bed earlier, instead of staying up -- hopeful - that they would pull off the upset of the year. Duh, what was I thinking? Anyhow, ditto on the Wawa parking lots ... always a moron-othon!

-B- said...

I was one of the crazy ones too on Black Fri. I was at Staples @ 4:20 and waited an hour and a half to find out that they only had 9 TomTom's (the only reason I was there!) - and I was #12!. I zipped on over to Radio Shack waited AGAIN!!!! and got one cause they had a ton of'em. One thing though - people are F'in crazy bringing babies in strollers out in the 30+ deg. cold - those people should be shot!
I'll keep my eyes open for you on that Wii - picked mine up two months ago in a Gamestop near work.
Neck Beards - Ewww!

Crassius Maximus said...

The Eagles really got down on Sunday night, L. The birds played well, Feely just made two bad throws, or they win.

Reverse said...

Yeah to bad you didn't stay at your old job LOS (Sarcasm appreciated)! You could have had the Wii by now. Gamestop in NJ takes care of its peeps during the holidays.

Los said...

Jeff - Ba-da-bing! Still looking for the Wii. Check out my story on Plethora!

Minijonb - I almost exploded in Target on Black Friday.

Lisa - Hey, this is probably the happiest I've been at an Eagles loss in a long time!

-B- - Please keep an eye out for me! I appreciate it!

Crass - See the Lisa comment.

Reverse - You miss me ... You really miss me, don't you?