Monday, January 16, 2006

Dog-Gone Fun!

A friend of mine came over on Sunday to watch the NFL games. It was interesting, because neither of us really had a vested interest in any of the teams playing, so we actually got to sit back and objectively watch the games … however, because there are so many gosh-darn (trying to keep it clean) commercials in a televised NFL game, we did quite a bit of channel-surfing … and came up with some interesting points.

First, and foremost, what the hell are we going to watch on Sundays when the NFL is not on. I’m hoping that quite a bit of college basketball and NHL hockey will be on … but this was not the case yesterday … especially for the 1:00 game. Quite frankly, it probably would’ve been easier to find the Holy Grail than to find good sports yesterday.

As we surfed, we came across two networks that had FIGURE SKATING on … c’mon, guys, I think that one channel is probably too much for figure skating, let alone two. Is there really that kind of demand, or were you guys giving up because you knew that most people would be watching football?

Another channel had women’s college basketball. You know how I feel about this. I’m all for equal rights, but if it is boring, it shouldn’t be on TV … or at least not on a major network.

Then we luckily came across a channel that was showing a dog competition. No, this was not one of those boring American Kennel Club “Let’s see how much we can inbreed our dogs” show in which the owners primp their pooches to the point of folly, and then run around a circle as femininely as possible (and, of course the owners love being flamboyant).

No, this was much cooler – the cooler dog competitions that, in my opinion, should be on every week. You know the ones – the Frisbee competition with the owners who probably blazed a reefer minutes before (man, those Australian Sheep Dogs are amazing); the obstacle courses where the dogs jump over small fences, and go through all kinds of mazes (I’m not sure how owners can train dogs like this); the one were the dogs run and jump off a ramp into water (and the judges estimate the distance).

I am not lying here – I actually missed quite a bit of the football game, thanks to this show. I was enamored by the dogs so much, that I think this has a future. This could be similar to pro wrestling, in my mind. You can add storylines, and interesting owners, and have weekly competitions, that go towards point totals (much like NASCAR), with the events going into major towns (again, like NASCAR). I am excited about this. There could be a minor circuit for dogs and owners who aren’t ready for the big time … gosh (still trying to stay clean), my creative juices are flowing!!!!

So, just to recap, I think that dog competitions are more exciting than figure skating and women’s basketball.

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Jeff said...

First, and foremost, what the hell are we going to watch on Sundays?
** You expected to see anything good on TV during an NFL playoff game? It'll pick up after the Super Bowl.

As we surfed, we came across two networks that had FIGURE SKATING on …
** Figure skating, like tennis, needs land mines. (I'd settle for a puck and sticks.)

Another channel had women’s college basketball … at least not on a major network.
** If a network shows women's basketball, is it really a major network?

Then we luckily came across ... a dog competition ... I think this has a future.
** So, when you see Dogs Playing Poker televised, you know whom to blame.
** On second thought, MANY shows would improve by substituting dogs for some or all people. Reality TV. NFL broadcasts with Joe Theismann. SportsCenter. King of Queens. The Food Network. Inside the Actors Studio. Congressional hearings. Figure skating. Women's basketball.
** Dogs squatting on the ice before figure skating qualifies as "land mines" to me.