Sunday, May 06, 2007

Save Music!

I know quite a few people wrote about this already, but I’m a huge fan of internet radio. With terrestrial radio for the most part ruined thanks to some big corporations that have limited the “landscape” of variety on this medium, internet radio was an oasis of vibrance. My site of choice is Live, and it has more than 10,000 radio stations, ranging from Hawaiian music, to old school rap, to garage bands, to mainstream pop … just about any and all forms of music can be found here.

I bought a Roku, which is basically a bridge that goes from your stereo to a router, and brings internet radio to said stereo. It is really awesome, and we listen to it just about every weekend. I’ve discovered such great bands as The Arctic Monkeys (before they became wildly popular), and Electric Six through listening to internet radio. I would’ve never have gotten an appreciation for these bands without it.

Now, congress passed some sort of law that would make internet radio stations pay royalty rates that are about 300% to 1200% higher than they currently are. It would basically cripple the market … with the exception of the large corporations that can afford this … meaning the loss of creativity in music once again. The thought of this makes me vomit in my mouth repeatedly.

Don’t you just hate it when something that is going so well is ruined by big business and politics? This reeks of collusion. If you are interested in finding out more, please go to this story:


Jeff said...

Business 101: large corporations lobby politicians for stringent regulations, often contrary to their long-term interests, because those regs crush competition from smaller companies without corporate finances.

snowelf said...


This is again, one of those things that tends to outrage me... it's sad and pathetic...and the money involved? That money could be much better spent towards education or something beneficial towards society instead of lining the palms of greedy corporate lawyers...

What a waste and what sad news.


(Sorry, my inner liberal is showing.)

El Padrino said...

how was rev's shingdig?

ToddPacker said...

yea... we need rev wedding stories...

minijonb said...

right with you on this one. we need to save the music industry from itself.

follow all the developments and learn how to contact your legislators at:

fight the power...

Los said...

Jeff - They end up shooting themselves in their expensive feet.

Snow Elf - I hear ya!

ElP - Great night. Steve put on one helluva show.

TP - I was gonna leave that to Steve.

Minijonb - I'll do all I can.

Superstar said...

@snow: Please don't get me started on education and tax dollars at work!

We teachers have so little outlet for students to channel their outlets. I have to incorporate Science, reading, writing, Art and Music all into my "comprehensive" learning for 6-8th graders. WHY? Because there is more money spent on lobbists for "no smoking" or "war on drugs" campaigns. Um excuse me, but our country has been at "WAR" on drugs for over 2 decades and we are still no closer to getting the ozzies and semi auto machine guns off the streets than in the 80's.
So, save radio? Um I say save the music for the child whom is in need of education. If the "radio" will do this. I am in!

*this ad is not paid for or a reflection of either party, rather a libitarian*

Rainman said...

Nothing about government surprises me anymore.