Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BCS .. It's Fantastic ...

I don’t normally blog about sports too much, but please allow me to get some of my thoughts off my chest – I’ll try not to be too boring or long-winded (applause!).

First, I’d like to discuss college football – specifically the BCS system. For some reason, still not entirely clear to me, there is no legitimate playoff system in division 1 college football. I know, I know – a lot of sponsors (and college football itself) make a lot of money with the current bowl system. Basically, there is some sort of elaborate calculation that chooses the top two teams in the country (as well as a few others who play in other “bowl championship games” that, besides being more profitable for the “qualifying” schools, serves no real purpose). This season was especially trying for the BCS, because so many teams ended up losing games they probably should’ve won. Hence, a huge dilemma resulted – which teams should play for the national championship? The BCS (and all of college football) breathed a sigh of relief when Kansas, Missouri , and West Virginia all lost – these three teams don’t really carry a lot of weight in the world of college football, and sponsors probably would’ve lost out on advertising had any of these three teams survived.

As it turns out, LSU – a team with two losses, is facing Ohio State – a team that really hasn’t played anybody great, for the national title. How can a two-loss team possibly qualify for this? The answer is MONEY. I’m guessing the BCS calculations were mixed with sponsor pressure to force this game. Shockingly enough, USC isn’t involved in the title game – I figure the sponsors were really “hoping” for an LSU vs. USC game – they’d just have a difficult time justifying having two 2-loss teams play for the national title.

My question is this – why can’t we have an 8-team playoff in the month of December? I mean, most of the month is spend watching lower division playoff games, right? Can’t we have a playoff system, as well as bowl games? Wouldn’t the sponsors, as well as college football, make even more money this way? Wouldn’t this alleviate the issues college football currently has to deal with?

I’m sure there will always be issues, even with a playoff – especially trying to decide which 8 teams make the playoffs. I mean, would Hawaii (undefeated) even get represented? Would only the major conferences (and Notre Dame, unfortunately) demand representation? Possibly. But, wouldn’t this dilemma be far better than the one we currently have? I just wanted to see your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.


Jeff said...

Just be happy 3-9 Notre Dame isn't in the title game.

Next year's "BCS Formula tweak" will add more ND squares to help the blindfolded monkeys pick "the right teams" when throwing darts.

Of course playoffs are needed. But do you really think the Graham Spaniers of the world would cede any power to their athletic depts?

minijonb said...

we need a 16 team playoff and keep the bowls for all the teams that finish 7-5. it'll never happen, but it's what's right.

Sandi said...

I have to agree with Jeff--remember the year the running joke was "What's the difference between Cheerios and Notre Dame--Cheerios belongs in a blow". I can't remember the exact year, but it was the early 90s.

Penn State has been screwed many times due to this system, but the biggest screwing they got was when President Nixon made the arbitrary decision that Texas was ranked above Penn State. I don't hate him for Watergate. I hate him for that.


El Padrino said...

beating a dead drum bro

Superstar said...

Did I miss something? OH that is right we have the PAC-10 out here and bowl games...LOL ;o)

I still don't totally understand when like MiniJon said, a team that is 4-9 gets to a bowl game...while a kick azz season players are left wanting...LOL ;o)

Nothing like the SuperBowl!!!

Christina_the_wench said...

This Buckeye fan says 'bite me.' :)


Have a great Christmas, Los!

Los said...

Jeff - anytime Notre Dame loses, I'm happy.

Minijonb - I'd settle for 8, but I'd certainly take 16.

Sandi - Nixon is a dick ... get it?

ElP - Can't help it, man!

Superstar - College football could have it's own version of the Super bowl.

Christina - Hey, I wanted to make sure I equally hated on both teams ...