Sunday, December 16, 2007

So ... What is Rock And Roll?

Big news in the “rock” industry this week, as it was announced that Madonna will be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Let me first start by saying that I actually like Madonna’s music, for the most part – heck, I even bought the Immaculate Collection cd … by the way, that doesn’t automatically make me gay, does it? My wife is a huge Madonna fan, and she says that next time Madonna goes on tour, I have to go to the concert with her (probably a topic for another blog, but I wonder what the over-under will be on gay people hitting on me).

My question really focuses on what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is. I mean, is Madonna’s music really rock and roll? And if so, what constitutes rock and roll? Will the Beastie Boyz make the rock and roll hall of fame, and if so, why? Is their music really rock? If these people are let in, what about Tony Bennett? Should he be there? How about Sammy Davis, Jr.?

This may be more confusing than college football’s BCS “scoring,” or what race Michael Jackson really is at this point. Speaking of which, what about Michael Jackson? Should he be in the hall? Back to the argument. Are there set rules in place that makes one eligible for the rock and roll hall of fame? I know one rule is that you cannot be selected for it until 25 years after your group formed. Outside of this, what are the rules? Do you have to have a guitar, drum, and bass in your music? Do you have to have a certain amount of top 10 hits? Do you have to have documented proof that you did a certain amount of drugs? Do you have to sleep with a certain amount of women? Do you need a certain amount of STD’s? How many times do you need your stomach pumped?

Again, let me stress that I like Madonna – I’m just wondering if a “new” hall of fame needs to be made for pop music – maybe it can be built in San Francisco or something.


Kristin said...

I see your point - Rock and Roll is more along the lines of the Guns and Roses or Van Halen... (hi, child of the eighties here).

minijonb said...

the Beasties better make it in. it's become the Pop Culture Hall of Fame if You Were in a Music Video.

The Rev said...

"over-under will be on gay people hitting on me"

I'm guessing that will be 0.

Superstar said...

That is fantastic news about Madonna! I still remember making out w/ my 1st boyfriend to "starlight, starbright"....*sigh* I mean, I kept thinking, that was the coolest song ever. I used to "wish" on, it seemed like a "dream" come true...*ahhhhh* making out...
~snaps fingers~
What was the question?

-B- said...

Yeah, seems a little off... like more pop music is getting in there. Almost like if the group sold x amount of cd's and is not rap, then you qualify.

Los, I think you'll be sick the night of that Madonna concert... let her take a friend! Although I did have a good time when I took my wife to see Elton John! lol
Ahem... how 'bout those Bears!

Ink and Stone said...

Madonna is so NOT Rock and Roll. Her music is pop. It just shows how out of touch the people who set up the nominees for the Hall are.

Los said...

Kristin - What, no Aerosmith???

Minijonb - I think the Beasties will be there ... they actually use real instruments.

Rev - Dick.

Superstar - I remember roller skating with my blue corduroys to "We Got the Beat" by the Bangles ... does this make me gay?

-B- Ewww, Elton John????

Ink - My wife probably hates you right now.