Thursday, December 13, 2007

War of the Roses!

So, this weekend, I play in the semi-finals of my fantasy football league. At stake is more than $1,000 (we have a 20-team league … it’s kind of complicated). If I win, it’ll be the second time in the 10-year existence of this league that I have won … I will be the first repeat champion … so, in addition to the hefty winnings, I will also have bragging rights for a year … almost as important as the money … almost.

However, I face an interesting challenge … you see, my opponent this week is none other than my wife and her friend (Barbara Peapod – check out her blog on my blog roll!). History could possibly be made either way here – in the 10 years our league has existed, no woman (or women) have ever gotten close to winning. I stand in the way of this – and I know that many of you bloggers will claim that my “manhood” is at stake.

The girls had a really good season … in fact, they’ve had a really good three years, making the playoffs each of those seasons … they aren’t your typical “girls.” These girls follow the games rabidly, and converse quite a bit about fantasy football strategy. If one didn’t know any better, one would probably swear that they are hiding penises between their legs.

I have to say this – I’m a long shot to win this game. It’s really a surprise that I’ve made it this far, especially if you consider the 0-3 start that I had to the season. My roster is full of hit-or-miss players (with the exception of Peyton Manning and Jason Whitten). Thankfully, I caught a couple of breaks and my players have been performing very well the last few weeks.

I guess the real question is, what should the league do if the girls win the championship? Have we gone into uncharted territory here? Please, be candid with the responses!


El Padrino said...


schue said...

Los is in a good position, he could win and pick up drinks and dinner at a fancy restaurant, OR the girls can win and treat to a fancy restaurant. Either way Los will probably have to dress up and eat something "seared"or"braised".

Jeff said...

If you lose, you might have an outside shot at sex. Maybe. So perhaps indeed "history could possibly be made."

If you win this week, you'd better win the league. Even then, good luck.

Superstar said...

That is a fine mess!

I say over sleep and then the girls will take it!!!

Then again, I wanna root for my friend...I say go for it and either way you are getting laid!!! HEEHEHEHEHEHEHE
Just kiddin'

minijonb said...

pick the best team you can and sit back and watch... it's win/lose either way.

Crassius Maximus said...

Proof that fantasy football causes my eyes to glaze over with disinterest. Pickin' up JWitten does make you a genius, tho'. I can't figure out who is more macho him or Marion Barber.

Lisa said...

If we win, not only do we get bragging rights and the dough, but the "Dick's League" title will have to officially be changed to the "Tits League."

GO TEAM CACA!!!! ... Babs Peapod

Steph said...

Haaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! suck on that!
Girlpower babbyyyyy!

Los said...

ElP - Wish me luck today!

Schue - Ewww ... braised!

Jeff - I'm so good at sex, I can do it myself.

Superstar - I think you made the right choice!

Minijonb - That's all I can do at this point.

Crass - Eh, it's fun.

Lisa - Let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Steph - Hopefully, this will come back to haunt all women!