Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some More Sports Stuff (Sorry!)

To continue on my sports-related rants (with apologies to El Padrino), this time I want to focus on the steroid and HGH situation in Major League Baseball. Last week, the Mitchell report came out and outed more than 80 baseball players who used these … unfortunately, it really wasn’t anything new ... probably the biggest outing was Roger Clemens, probably the most dominating pitcher of our era.

But seriously, should it surprise anyone that Clemens was on the juice? He was still throwing ungodly stuff even into his 40’s … and had some of his best seasons in his late 30’s. Folks, that doesn’t happen in “real” life. The man was a hall-of-famer long before he started taking steroids, but now his legacy is tainted … much like Barry Bonds.

The only difference between the two is that Bonds is a much bigger ass-clown than Clemens. That is also why Bonds has been scrutinized more than others. Karma really took a giant dump on Bonds’ overgrown melon for all of the years Bonds was a jerk (and it sounds like he was born a jerk). Clemens will get his, I’m sure.

But, I have this feeling that this report only scraped the surface of this performance enhancing drug situation … there were probably close to 100 MLB players who breathed a sigh of relief that they weren’t mentioned in the report (ya hear that, A-Rod?). The 1990’s have been irreparably tainted, and the hope is that Major League Baseball (and all of sports, for that matter), learned its lesson. We’ll see – there are a lot of greedy people involved.

Trouble follows Donovan McNabb like a duckling follows its mother. And the city of Philadelphia just eats it up. This city has refused to embrace the guy ever since he was drafted instead of Ricky Williams (a smart move, by the way) in 1999. Donovan has weathered that draft, the T.O. era, throwing up in the huddle during the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh, and numerous injuries in his time.

But, I get the feeling that his conversation, whatever it may have involved, with Pam Oliver, might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. McNabb apparently expressed his dissatisfaction with the ownership and the city, and said something along the lines of feeling that ownership is distancing itself from him, and might trade him next season. Pam Oliver reported this during the game.

One thing must be noted here – you should never, ever say negative things about the city of Philadelphia if you play here … the fans will never, ever support you. Mike Schmidt’s popularity is still only luke-warm in this city, even though he was VERY successful. Mitch Williams is possibly more popular, even though his last pitch caused the Phils to lose the World Series in 1993. Why? Because Williams is likeable, and lets criticism roll off his back. McNabb seems to take a lot more personally, and that’s the problem.

McNabb will probably be best off playing in a city that only cheers for its team, and never criticizes it – like maybe San Diego, or Miami. He should stay away from Chicago or New York, or more of the same will probably happen.


Jeff said...

1. Mitchell Report was a repeat of the Duke lacrosse case, only weak and uncorroborated.
2. Studies have shown HGH less effective than placebos.
3. HGH not illegal or against baseball rules until 2005, so why should pre-2005 data matter?
4. MLB attendance at an all-time high, so the market doesn't care.

1. Philly is the worst possible city if you're a true star. It's all about personality here. Buddy Ryan never won a playoff game but is beloved. Andy Reid took a 3-13 team to the Super Bowl and is despised.
2. McNabb should just shut up. He has a habit of not wanting to comment but then talking anyway. Great philosophy for dealing with the toxic Philly media. Steve Carlton had it right.
3. Chicago would love McNabb. He's not Rex Grossman.

Sandi said...

I have to disagree about Clemens--he is an ass-clown just as much as Bonds. I hate him more actually. And anyone with a head knew he was juicing. Incredible workout regiman my ass.

El Padrino said...

mcnabb is a bit sensitive

El Padrino said...

merry xmas LOS!

snowelf said...


Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Los and best wishes for 2008. :)

I don't follow the Philly teams close enough to get all the hype on them, besides the fact that if a team isn't the Packers, they do not exist, so I'll take your word for it.

I hope Santa leaves you guys something nice! :)

much love,
--snow and the chilis :)