Thursday, December 27, 2007


So, first, let me wish all of you a happy holiday season - I know that some of this is belated – I was busy with final holiday stuff. One of the things that occupied me was the Nintendo Wii – yes I got it for Christmas, and let me tell ya, it is AWESOME! But, this item gave me joy I didn’t expect … watching my wife’s parents play boxing against each other! It was absolutely hysterical! We videotaped it, and who knows – maybe we’ll put it on Youtube – it was that funny! There was trash talking and horrible boxing that would even make Manut Bol cringe.

My body was hurting the next day – I don’t know if it was from the laughing, or from playing the Wii for too long. Hey, at the very least, it gives you a workout. But, I digress. The online capabilities of the Wii are remarkable to say the least. I am able to not only surf the internet, but I can download older games from the Nintendo systems, as well as Sega Genesis, Turbo Grafix 16, and NEO GEO. I’m hoping they put on some old Commodore 64 games – that would be cool.

An added bonus (is that even good grammar?) is the “Mii Creator,” in which you get to create characters to use. In addition to creating myself and my wife, I’ve created my wife’s parents and sister, and 4 members of the Rolling Stones … I probably still need to do some work on the Stones, but they look pretty good so far.

Now, I’ve gotta start planning which games I need to buy in the future. My brother already tipped me off on a golf game coming out in a couple of months … I’m sure I’ll get that one. Any other suggestions? Oh, and again, I hope you had a great holiday!


-B- said...

Yeah, my arm is sore from playing with my Wii too!! Hey-ohhhhh!! lol
Seriously, it is extremely fun and has converted my wife into a gamer with the rest of us. I just can't get the damn thing online!! I know it has to be my router...

Happy Holidays everyone!

ToddPacker said...

i got a wii, too... good times

same thing happened to me... the wife video'd her parents boxing each other using the mii characters... hilarious

also i'm having the same problem as 'b'... can't get the online thing to work

happy 2008 to ya, los

El Padrino said...

i guess i need a WII

hard to find but i'll grab one eventually

i play my 360 all the time so i dont want it to get mad

El Padrino said...

that and traditionally i like to sit down and play video games

sirgeb said...

Here are some Router suggestions:
(I had this problem as well when I got the wii)

1. Update the firmware on the router. (Find your router's model on your router makers website)

2. Make sure the router is set to a 'good' channel (I think the range is 1-11), try 1 and work your way up.

You'll need to go to from your PC to access your router and change the channel on it. Google for help.

Jeff said...

Just one suggestion: no Wii porn. Please!!

ToddPacker said...

thanks for the router help, sirgeb

snowelf said...

My goal for next year is for Santa to get us a Wii for Christmas. I really want one and I have heard nothing but good things about it. Also I want to play the new Knights game that is out because it looks like fun. I know the chilis and I would have a blast with it.
Glad you had a great Christmas, Los!!


The Rev said...

Madden on Wii... it's the only way to play!

I'm hoping to get Tiger Woods golf. But I'm wondering what golf game your brother has a tip on.

Steph said...

Ohh lucky thing! I was going to buy one at the sales but went for the Choo's instead.

Have a great new years!

Los said...

B - Have a great and safe new year, my friend!

TP - Hopefully, Sir Geb has helped with the connection problem.

ElP - All kinds of great games for the Wii. It is worth the investment!

Sir Geb - You are the best!

Jeff - I think you just uncovered a new market!

Snow Elf - You will LOVE the Wii!

Rev - I'll probably try getting Madden at some point.

Steph - My wife is trying to buy Ugg Classics ... just about as impossible to purchase as the Wii.

Ink and Stone said...

Get the new Godzilla game!