Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A blogging "exercise"

So, I got a "homework assignment" from Mama's Losing It - and I figured, "What the heck?" I don't have writer's block, mind you, but this looked like a fun exercise. So, Mama put together a few topics, and we (bloggers) were tasked to write about them ... on a side note, this may be a weekly thing. OK, enough small talk - topic #1:

1.) Did you have a favorite blanket or toy? Tell about it.
I got this Oscar the Grouch alarm clock one Christmas ... it was probably the most excited I've ever been about a Christmas present. When I opened it, and realized what it was, I came about as close as I ever have to jumping out of my skin. I remember vividly jumping up and down trying to scream but no sound coming out of my mouth (that's probably a first, by the way). I had been eyeing this alarm clock for months in a Sears catalogue, and my parents put together a pretty good poker face the entire time claiming that "Santa" couldn't find the clock anywhere ... of course, I took the bait hook-line-and sinker ... which added to the surprise.

Oscar would wake me up every morning with some sort of saying that included hoping that I would have a grouchy day. I ate it up ... I must've listened to that alarm clock 50 times that very first day. At some point, that alarm clock broke, and my interest for it did too. But I will never, ever forget how excited I was that Christmas.

2.) I wish I could...
Oh man, there are so many things I wish I could do. I wish I could enjoy healthy food more ... I get bored with it, and go back to potato chips and burgers. I wish I liked beans ... I can't stand them for some reason. I wish I could play a good guitar, because my air guitar skills are out of this world. I wish I could win the lottery ... it would make things so much easier (at least, I think it would ... although there are probably a lot of negatives that I can't currently see).

Whew, that was fun! If you guys or gals are interested in this exercise, go visit her site by clicking here:


Anonymous said...

A+ on your homework! And a smiley face too!

Crassius Maximus said...

I wish I could dunk, just one more time.

Vodka Mom said...

hey, I just figured out you're a fellow Nittany Lion. go figure.

so, when do YOU think JoePa will retire???

Rhonda said...

Here from Mama Kat!

I think I would have put Oscar in the garbage can! It wouldn't have been personal, though, I just hate mornings! lol

Melissa said...

Here from Mama Kat.

Great post!! I actually had a garbage can that you could pull around and when you pushed the end of the string Oscar would pop up out of the can!!

Christina_the_wench said...

I asked for a car for my 16th birthday. Mom and Dad bought me a yellow camaro... a model one. They thought they were funny, the old farts.

Ren said...

Everyone loves a mean air guitar!

Mama's Losin' It said...

I love the description of you opening your Christmas gift and no noise coming out....I'm still laughing about it. Classic classic moment. Great post!

Kayla said...

My cousin had this same thing! It drove me crazy!!

El Padrino said...

xmas rocks

Jeff said...

I'm glad you don't like beans. Can't imagine how happy Sue must be.

Reverse said...

Momma is smokin!

snowelf said...

Awww!! I have always loved the Oscar the Grouch alarm clock story!!

You're football picks are not bad at all!! I just can't believe it's that time again... where did the summer go?


Superstar said...

LOL you did a tag!!! Im so proud of you!

I love Mama's blog...I must lurk there more often!

PS I recently saw an Oscar the Grouch alarm at an antique store...$$$$ still have yours???

Los said...

Alaina - Awww, shucks!

Crass - I wish I could dunk ... period.

Vodka - Nice win by the Nits!

Rhonda - I'm a morning person, actually.

Melissa - I think I saw that toy before!

Christina - Sometimes you have to be a little more detailed, I guess!

Ren - Amen!

Mama - I remember it as if it were yesterday!

Kayla - You were jealous, right?

ElP - Amen!

Jeff - I fart enough as it is.

Reverse - Hey-yo!

Snow - I think we skipped July this year, didn't we?

Los said...

Superstar - I think my parents do, but it doesn't work.