Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Won a Gold Medal in What???

Last weekend, I went over my friend Ray-Ray’s place – his fiance’s bridal shower was going on, and the guys decided to hang out, goof around, drink a little, and most importantly, avoid the shower. First item on the agenda was to go out and get some lunch – we chose a bar down the street from his “crib,” a crab-shack/bar.

We were immediately overwhelmed by the wafting seafood odor, similar to the stench one is overwhelmed with when entering Lou Turks (inside joke for those of you who live in Delaware County). Other than that, the bar was quaint, and filled with many toothless red-necks who were eagerly awaiting the upcoming NASCAR race.

On the big screen in the center, the Olympics was on … but not the good Olympics - you know, the one featuring women’s beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, or soccer. No, instead, we were saddled with watching women’s trampolines. Seriously, women’s trampolines??? How the hell did this become an Olympic sport anyway? I mean, the Olympics is getting rid of baseball and softball, yet they keep trampolines, synchronized diving, and badminton???

Why not add other summer barbecue sports like cornhole, lawn darts, and horse-shoes? Seriously – that way, when parents have picnics and barbecues in the summer, they can gauge how well little Joey is doing throwing the plastic shoes. Should waffle ball or pool volleyball be added. If there’s a protocol, or an application process, what is it? I’d like to add shuffle ball to the list. Maybe we could add hot-dog eating, or a belly-flop contest. Who wouldn’t watch those?

You know, if Guiness got smart, they could hold a “Guiness Book of World Records” Olympics every 4 years – I’m pretty sure that MTV or E would totally be on board.


The Rev said...

Waffle ball?

I think you mean wiffle ball.

Waffle ball would be fun though. Though the syrup and butter might get stuck all over the bat.

Lisa said...

I agree ... some of these made-up sports are ridiculous. I saw a story on the news yesterday about "Chess Boxing" -- a bizarre combo of playing chess and boxing. If that makes it into the Olympics, I don't know if I can watch again. Boxing, ok. Chess ... not a sport. For that matter, why do they have poker on ESPN? That's not a sport either. ... babs

schue said...

I'd like to see a Belly flop contest!

El Padrino said...

seriously trampolining as a olympic event is embarrassing

Jeff said...

Why not Olympic pro rasslin'? It might increase the integrity of the Games.

Los said...

Rev - OK, waffle ball sounds like a great sport! We'll have to come up with rules.

Babs - I actually like watching Texas Hold 'em, but it makes about as much sense as MTV not playing music.

Schue - Where do I sign up?

ElP - What's more embarrassing is that they chose to show it on TV.

Jeff - I'm in!

Vodka Mom said...

hey- come see my olympics wanna be's. You might get a laugh!!!