Sunday, August 10, 2008

Top Ten List ...

I got to thinking about my blog and what other things I wanted to do with it – maybe have some sort of themes (there was a time when I posted pics and asked for the best captions). I think I came up with something that might or might not be funny. It’s a little hard to explain, but I guess it can be best compared to a top 10 list, but I’ll be focusing on (hopefully) topics that Letterman doesn’t. I’ll give it a whirl, and you can let me know what you think, or even offer suggestions on other topics.

First topic: Things you probably shouldn’t say while you’re dancing with a girl:

10. So, what did you do with the money your mom gave you for dancing lessons?
9. I learned all my best moves from Michael Jackson.
8. Do you wanna have a Moonwalk contest?
7. Last time I saw moves like that was whilst watching a guy have a heart attack.
6. Wow, you must be something in bed!
5. You should see my “It’s Raining Men” dance routine!
4. So, do you have a daughter?
3. You dance pretty well for an ugly chick!
2. I haven’t danced this close with a woman since I hokey-pokeyed with my mom.
1. Seriously, you need to drink less/more.


schue said...

"You're going to have to excuse me, I'm lactose intolerant"

Alaina said...

That's hilarious. Especially considering I spent last night... well early this morning... dancing my fool but off!

Jeff said...

"What's that smell?"
"You dance just like my sister."
"Are you epileptic?"
"My wife loves this song!"
"I am the Dancing Queen."

jnkiii said...

"Pardon the bulge"

Ink and Stone said...

"Nice moves, Elaine."

^ Seinfeld reference :)

Christina_the_wench said...

"Are you on any medication I should know about?"

-B- said...

"Pardon my breath.... I just luuuuuv me some sardine and onion sandwiches!!"

Los said...

Schue - Hey-yo!

Alaina - Dancing is like exercise, right?

Jeff - Nice work!

JNK - Good one!

Ink - Can't go wrong with Seinfeld!

Christina - That one might actually work ...

-B- Actually, I probably would like that kind of sandwich.

Lisa said...

Apparently your seizure medication has worn off. ... babs