Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fantasy Football is Back!!!!

So, we had our big fantasy football draft last night - I believe this is our league's 10th year. We've done a live draft every year, and even though technology obviously supports internet drafting, to me, it's just not as fun as having all parties at a central location ... of course, this is difficult with our league, as we have 20 people participating (2 separate conferences that draft from separate pools).

Anyway, I picked 6th last night, and I think I did a relatively good job. No, I didn't get Tomlinson or Peterson, or really any top tier back, but I still think I did a great job. Here, see for yourself:

Tom Brady
David Garrard
Jason Campbell

Clinton Portis
Michael Turner
Ryan Grant
Selvin Young

Andre Johnson
Greg Jennings
Dwayne Bowe
Nate Burleson

Jeremy Shockey
Heath Miller

Jason Hanson



El Padrino said...

not bad, your weak at WR but have strong rb depth

mine was last night too
i picked 7th, took Manning, Wayne on the way back...

Jeff said...

Tough to tell without seeing other teams. Like Garrard as backup QB. Shockey might be better with NO than he was in NY. Too bad you couldn't draft, say, Randy Moss as your kicker.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

now listen. Football is when the ball is kicked by feet. Hence football.

Mind you I am an aficianado since it hit the UK screens way back in the 80's and I decided I liked The Dolphins and they won Superbowl.

Still not football though ;-)

Mama's Losin' It said...

...mmmkay, but who do you think will be chosen to be the next Bachelor!?!?!

Los said...

ElP - Wide receivers are quesionable, but we'll see how Bowe does this year.

Jeff - Lots of questions for all teams.

Manic - I don't think the Dolphins won in the 1980's ...

Mama - I always bet with the good looking guy ...

Anonymous said...

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