Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stoppage Time

Damn You, Golden Tee!
I think I pumped about $20 into the Golden Tee machine at a local bar on Friday night. The game is just way too addicting. I think if I had this machine in my house, along with Megatouch, I probably would never leave the house again. I did ask for the Golden Tee plug and play game for Christmas – I know it won’t be quite as good graphically, but I’m hoping the game-play is acceptable … I’m such a loser.

‘Tis the Season!
I went to a holiday party … oh screw it, IT WAS A CHRISTMAS PARTY, at my friend “Barbara’s” house last night … I’m still recovering as we speak (well, type) … I’m trying to type quietly as I’m having difficulty with the louder keystrokes. The food was incredible (chicken cacciatore wings, pork balls wrapped in bacon … drool!), and I probably indulged in too many “holiday shots.” Also, Eric, you should be pleased by this – there was a keg!

I Really Should’ve Just Slept it Off
I decided that I had to wash my car today … and let me tell ya, this is not a fun task to do whilst hung-over. It’s that German guilt that my parents so graciously instilled in me as a child that “forced” me to do this. I was laying on the couch, trying to sleep, and my mind kept telling me I had to do this … again, I’m such a loser.

You’re Wearing What?
I got fitted for Smokin’s wedding on Saturday as well (geez, what a hectic weekend!). Now, this won’t be a traditional wedding. Instead, it will be an Indian-style wedding (no, not the Tonto-type), so the groomsmen will be dressed in Indian garb. My wife keeps telling me I got fitted for a dress. I am sure we will have plenty pictures to share in April. I look forward to this though, for many reasons – (A) Smokin’ is one of my best friends and he’s marrying a great gal, (B) I’ll probably get to break out my drunken Mick Jagger dance, and (C) I get to wear comfy clothes to this wedding (not the traditional uncomfortable tuxedo).


Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I guarantee you will be breaking out the Mick Jagger dance.

I'm going to make Brown Sugar a must play song for the DJ.

Jeff said...

I thought you were so busy at work, you didn't have time for Megatouch.

Does washing the Ass Dent require any special equipment or technique?

I double dog dare you to hold the bachelor party at Woody's, wearing the wedding garb.

Eric said...

Nothing says class, and spreads holiday cheer like a keg, I really hope you did a keg stand.

Also Megatouch is awesome. A few summers ago I moved to Ocean City, MD. I'm fairly certain I still hold the photohunt record in a least 2/3 of the machines in the city.

Christina_the_wench said...

Video, gentlemen, VIDEO!

iamunstoppable said...

dont they have Golden Tee competitions? ive seen some cats get waaaaay into that game.

and hopefully blogger will finally let my ass comment...

Snowelf said...

Hey Los! We soooo need pics of the Drunken Mick Jagger dancing! Hear that Smokin'? Lots of Mick Jagger!

Also, my boss in StL has a Golden Tee game in his basement. He also had 5 boys very close together in age. Whew! I think he earned that Golden Tee game!

Hope you feel better soon!

Los said...

Rev - If I had my choice, I would pick a different Stones song to dance to than Brown Sugar ... in my opinion, it has been played far too much.

Jeff - Please don't give Steve any ideas!!!

Eric - No keg stands, unfortunately. The tap was acting up a bit, plus I got drunk pretty quick on the punch.

Christina - Ahem!!!!

IAM - The new blogger sucks worse than the old one (can't believe I'm saying that!).

Snow Elf - I think all guys deserve Golden Tee!

El Padrino said...

love the golden tee

Superstar said...

Los, OK Seriously you are not supposed to wash cars in FREEZING weather...IT's like not putting your tounge on the flag poll...*sigh*
So I hate to say it, but you totally look like one of those guys that plays "golden Tee"! They are UNMISTAKABLE in the bar...They are the guys that look all prepy, nice dress clothes, Tshirt hanging out, and "BANGING" on the roller ball on the machine...(OH yeah all puns intended!) LOL

That's ok...I still WUVVVV YOU!
e-mail me your address and you too can have a Rockin' Christmas album...I am SURE it will end up as a topic for your and Steve's gig...~rolls eyes~ But we all know (MS SPEARS) any publicity is good! LOL ;o)

Los said...

ELP - I knew you were a good guy.

Superstar - Great, now I'm pigeoholed!

Dirty Birdie said...

you so need to post the drunken Jagger dance

-B- said...

I agree with Christina!! Los, you better not let that comedy gold get away without a quality, well-lit video of your drunken sloppiness - especially in the Indian clothes.. you'll be a YouTube God!!!!