Sunday, March 04, 2007

De-do-do-do ... de-da-da-da ...

I just found out that a good friend of mine was able to get me tickets to the Police concert taking place in Philly on July 19 – I am thrilled by this because (A) I’ve never had the opportunity to see the Police in concert (I was all of 13 the last time they played together at Live Aid), and (B) I love a good rock concert, and these guys fit that bill nicely … it could quite possibly be the best rock concert of the summer (and that’s saying something with groups like Genesis, and maybe Van Halen planning tours).

However, I do have some concerns. Oh, I guess they aren’t huge concerns, but nevertheless, I thought I’d share them with you. First and foremost, I sincerely hope that they ONLY play Police songs. I really don’t want to hear any of the Sting solo crap that he has “graced” us with over the past 20 years. There was a time when the Police were cutting edge, and the music sounded fresh with a nice fusion of reggae, rock, and maybe even a little R&B.

But when Sting set forth on his solo journey from hell, he shed cutting edge musical dynamo of the Police and jumped into the world of Adult Contemporary boringness (is that even a word?). His catalogue of songs now grace easy listening stations, and he is no longer looked at as a musical pioneer. Sure, there may have been a few tunes that weren’t so bad, but for the most part, he was traveling to the “ancient” rocker burial grounds with the likes of Elton John, Brian Adams, and Rod Stewart.

By the way, this observation is not up for debate – I don’t want to hear from any of you Sting fans who will try to defend him. When he left the Police, he really should’ve change his name. Sting sounds like a manly name, and this by no means carried over to the steaming pile of songs he shat out. He should’ve just gone back to using his real name, Gordon.

Another issue is whether or not the Police can recapture the magic of the Police of the early 1980’s. Sure, they sounded great during the Grammies, when they performed Roxanne. But, can they put together a good 2 hour show? Andy Somers was looking mighty old on stage, standing still much like Billy Wyman.

I have faith, though. The songs themselves should help to carry the band members. For the most part, they seem rejuvenated. And, if they do decide to create some more songs, let’s hope that Sting and the gang can at least put forth a decent effort.


The Rev said...

If you looooovvvve somebody...

Set them free!

Free, Free... set them free!

Reverse said...

Sting was in Dune! How dare you insult Sting... DAREEEE.

Superstar said...

Los, his new stuff is still "cutting edge" really...Have you tried to play any of it?

He uses less of the "power chords" and more of thepicking and harmony in his more "easy listening" crap as you so elliquently put it...He found Jesus and chose the bubble gum pop so he could pay the bills...
Now caving on his "rock"morals" I will give you...But I disagree that he "lost" something...
I also agree with you onthe band thing. Anytime you have a group that is highly skilled and has a natural God gien talent hooked up in one spot??? OF course they are going to jam out THE best stuff.

That bond is tighter than family...~shakes head~ That is why I firmly believe that it is impossible to "replace" a singer/band mate....There is always something missing with the "new" person...Look at Def Leppard...
Queen-There is no replacement for Freddie...just isn't...

When is the concert? I heard that the band is in OHIO or something relearing all the songs...Big to do about him forgetting the words?? LOL ;o)
20 years ago? I would have forgotten the too!

Jeff said...

Haven't decided if I'm going to this yet or not, but glad it's outside. Pot smoke at Philly indoor concerts is so thick that I feel like, well, a Canary in a Coal Mine.

(Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Stephen said...

First, to satisfy your concern that they not play any "Sting solo crap", here's their current rehearsal list as published today in the Sunday Times:

World Running Down
Driven to Tears
Walking on the Moon
Synchronicity II
Don't Stand
Tea in the Sahara
Demolition Man
De Do Do Do
Murder by Numbers
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Invisible Sun
Bed's Too Big
One World
Bring On
King of Pain
Shadows in the Rain
So Lonely
Every Breath
Next to You
Can't Stand Losing You

Second, you don't want to hear any Sting fans defend him, so I won't. But you seem to think that everyone gets older but you. You observe that Andy's looking pretty old onstage (uh, what did you expect at 64?), and that Sting is headed to "ancient rocker burial grounds." So what if they don't measure up to your inner 13-year old's expectations? I do agree there are some rock stars out there who need to start acting their age, but I don't think they should be punished when they do. I for one would not like to be 34 again....

Stephen said...

Me Again, Sorry.
I just read one of your other blogs: "I'm Gettin' Too Old for This". I take back my remark that you think every one gets older but you. I apologize. I think you're just now coming to the realization that you ARE getting older. It ain't so bad, really (I'm Sting's age). If the Police perform anywhere near their past level, I'll be impressed

-B- said...

Man, they're really letting you have it, huh Los?? His solo stuff did sell afterall! lol
I have heard a couple of the solo cd's - and they weren't that bad, but he really did leave "rock" behind during those years. Softened up a bit. Let's get back to it, Sting!
I'm sitting this one out, Bro - let me know how it was!

El Padrino said...


best song

The Rev said...

I only know 14 of those songs.

Just never been a big Police fan.

Los said...

Rev - I got the Police box set, a fantastic collection of work from a VERY good band.

Reverse - Never saw Dune.

Superstar - It's o.k. to be a Sting fan. I am not, and I guess I took it personally, when he went from being a rocker, to being an Adult Contemporary "pioneer." I really got pissed when he released that song with Brian Adams and Rod Stewart, "All For One, and All for Love." I threw up in my mouth more than once on that one.

Jeff - I think it'll be a good show ... as long as Sting doesn't ... well, you know.

Stephen - Sounds like you are a big Sting fan, and I am sorry if my words caused any harm. I just wish the Police could've stuck around a while longer, that's all.

B - You aren't going ???

ELP - My favorite is So Lonely.

Snowelf said...

Los, I think the concert will be great, I really do. I think we all fall into our "past selves" when we are with old friends, and I think bands do the same thing. I wouldn't worry.

I won't say anything in Sting's defense, but I really love the songs When We Dance and Fragile, which are just the sort of mellow dribble you are talking about. So again, not defending. ;) And if it makes you feel any better, I really also hate that All for Love song so much it makes me change the station.


Ink and Stone said...

Bootleg it, Los! BOOTLEG!

mollymcmo said...

should be a fun concert!