Sunday, June 10, 2007

DBT 2K7!!!!

This past Saturday was year three of our public transportation dive bar tour. This was my brother’s brainchild – instead of renting a van or bus to travel to local bars of, let’s just say, questionable standards, we would instead journey to bars via Septa. We discovered that it was certainly much cheaper, both because of Septa as well as these bars fantastically low beer and food prices.

However, this year, we added a new twist. Instead of just using the Septa busses, we actually used the train as well. Once again, we had a fantastic time. Here are some of the highlights, other than the train.

* The first bar we went to, Max Magees, had just opened (noon), and we were the first customers. The owner was so happy we were there, that he gave us a round of Southern Comfort shots … ok, maybe he wasn’t happy with us, and that’s why we got the SoCo.

* The Burgundy Lounge, probably the dankest of stops this year, decided not to use air conditioning … it certainly got us out of there quicker.

* We stopped at Pogue Mahones, which used to be Maximillian’s, the bar that Vince Papale used to tend at (if you don’t know Papale, you need to rent Invincible.)

* One of our stops was The New Moon, which used to be called the Blue Moon ... the first U.S. bar I ever had a beer in … a few years before I was 21.

* We had a dinner stop at the Italian Delight … which was once in the MacDade Mall, and then moved to an old Pizza Hut location. What is noteworthy about this is that the owners of the Italian Delight spent about $0 renovating this place … but hey, the pizza was really good.

* One of our last stops was Rick’s, and they were having a high school graduation party … I found it interesting that a bar would host something like a high school graduation.

* The last bar on the tour was Durty Nelly’s, about a block from my house (great planning!). The interesting part about this bar was that we met two women who had obviously been there for a while. In fact, one of the women showed us a picture she took on her cell phone. This is normally not a big deal … but, the picture she took was of her genitals … I kid you not. She had three piercings, so it made it look like some sort of fleshy Christmas tree … ah, good times.

* We finished the night out by going back to my place (not with the women), and playing Guitar Heroes … I have to say that I am probably better at playing this game whilst drunk … weird. The unfortunate thing is that we played for about three hours, and repeated quite a few of the songs, which was all that ended up being in my head while I was trying to sleep.

All in all, a great day/night … nothing like 13 ½ hours of drinking … my liver thanks me.


Jeff said...

Next year taking the bus to bars in West Philly?

Wouldn't 3 piercings just, ahem, close the box?

Anonymous said... wonder you're willing Monday to come, you must have the hangover from hell right now my friend x

The Rev said...

Two piercings just isn't enough, is it?

El Padrino said...

bar crawls in a word can be described as "phenominal"

ToddPacker said...

nice... all day drinking always results in good times

Mama en Fuego said...

I guess once you've had someone down there piercing your junk 3 times, showing off the pictures isn't such a big deal...


Superstar said...

LOL ;o)
Sounds like fun!
~shakes head~
Having a grad party for HS in a bar does seem as "redneck" as a weddin' reception in a bar...
~waves hands back and forth~


~licks lips~

minijonb said...

after you started drinking, how did you know when to get off at the right stops? did you have a DTG: designated trip guide?

Los said...

Jeff - I think we'll stick to Delco.

Sunshine - that was yesterday ... today, just tired.

Rev - Apparently not.

ElP - Gotta love the hijinks!

TP - Even if you can't remember most of 'em.

Mama - I think the alcohol may have played a part as well.

Superstar - Of course, since I was drunk, I had no problems with it.

Minijonb - See, this is the think-tank we need to make this even better!

Mama en Fuego said...

Oh my GAWD!!! Super and I could totally pimp ourselves out as DDTG - Drunken Debatchery Tour Guides.

Superstar said...

@Mama: Well you could! ha ha ha ha ha! LOL ;o)

Anyone who wants a DDTG in Phx, let me know I am so pickin' y'all up at the airport! ;o)


OH be SURE to come in August when it's at least 120 F !!!! JK!