Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No, Chris, No!!!!!

As many of you know, I am a pro wrestling fan … sure, I’m not as big of a fan as I used to be, but I still follow the “sport.” You can imagine how shocked I was to find out about Chris Benoit last night whilst tuning into RAW. I’ve been a fan of Benoit’s for quite a while … in fact, I remember when he teamed with Bobby Eaton during one of the last Crocket Cup tag team title tournaments back in the NWA (yeah, I’m old).

The guy never had the “charisma” on the microphone, which, along with his lack of size, probably hindered his career … or at least prevented him from dominating the sport like Austin or the Rock did. His in-ring skills were never questioned. The guy always gave 110%, and the fans loved him for it. Which gets me to the crossroads of this post.

How will Benoit be remembered? I mean, he killed his wife and his son before killing himself. It is rumored that the guy used to beat his wife (who, by the way, I had a major crush on when she was the “Woman” character on WCW in the late 80’s and early 90’s). Does he go down as another O.J.? Of course, we probably would’ve respected O.J. more if he would’ve just had the decency to take his own life as well (Hey Barry, ya listening?).

The guy had a tremendous career, winning the world title, and numerous other titles in many wrestling organizations around the globe. He was immensely respected by everyone he wrestled against, and was one of those rare wrestlers that could wrestle a broomstick, and make the broomstick look like a seasoned professional. I wouldn’t say that I’m sick to my stomach over this, but this is very disturbing … disturbing enough to bring Vince McMahon out of character last night (he was actually in the middle of a ‘Vince McMahon is dead’ storyline, so this was a pretty big deal).

I just wonder what drove him to do it. I'm guessing it was some sort of debilitating combination of steroids, speed, and pain killers ... seems like a lot of wrestlers have run into difficulties with this. Benoit did have a severe neck injury a few years ago - one in which he needed to get some vertibrae fused together ... not trying to make excuses for the guy, I'm just trying to make sense of it.

I know most of you guys and gals aren’t wrestling fans, and that’s o.k. I just wanted to get your opinion on this. Did I waste too much of my life writing this post?


Ryan said...

Dude, what's with the Barry comment? You're sick in the head my friend.

Los said...

Just giving Mr. Bonds some suggestions, that's all ... In all seriousness, I don't wish death on the guy ... I just hope his knees fall off.

Jeff said...

Disturbing, heinous, and will probably only get worse as more details emerge.

If the specific rassler is shocking, I’m more surprised that this hasn’t happened before.

Rasslers spend 250+ days/year being thrown around by 250-lb men, running into metal posts, and getting their skulls smashed with chairs. They take painkillers to keep their jobs when injured, plus stimulants to function while on painkillers. Every day for years, maybe decades. Exactly how does this NOT cause severe delusion, dementia, depression, paranoia? And that’s before steroids …

No wonder so many die young. Amazing that this is the first major crime.

We may never know if Benoit had all his faculties. But we know the real devil: Vince McMahon continues to exploit rasslers after decades of premature deaths.

snowelf said...

Oh my god...I didn't know about this...it's so horrible... I can't even believe it. What a terrible waste of two other lives...Chris always seemed so...I don't know...more there for the sport, I guess. More serious about it than some others... or as serious as you can get for wrestling. I'm surprised mcfj didn't call me to tell me this. Now I have to call him...he always has the inside scoop on these things for some mystical reason.

I was always a Dean Malinko fan.
And Rey-Rey. (well, I called him Rey-Rey) ;) But my first wrestling love was actually Ricky Steiner. :P


El Padrino said...

i cant watch wrestling anymore
the # of deaths before these guys turn 45 years old is startling

and then the WWE superstars talking about what a great guy he was.....it wasnt thought out

Ink and Stone said...

It sucks that Benoit ended like that. He was one of my favorite wrestlers back when I was still into wrestling. His style reminded me of the 'old school technical' wrestlers, ya know, before the showmanship crap took over.

Whatever demons he kept hidden in his life finally got the better of him. It sucks, since he took it out on his family.

Superstar said...

I am glad that you wrote this. 1. it provided you closure. 2. It makes me sad as many kids ages 10-15 really idolize these guys and gals. Many of my students think it is better than McDonalds...That is sayin' alot...
So I am sad that his death was so tragic and that others might see it as the only solution in a personal battle.

As for Mr Bonds...I am not as educated either way on that topic.
LOL ;o)
@Ryan: That is why you are his friend!!! *giggles*

Crassius Maximus said...

Nah, man, not a time waste at all. The shit is sad, my youngest son is 7 and this deal just mortifies me. I've played against and with dudes on steroids and when they were on them they were super human, but when they were off them the diffference was incredible. Being hyper-competitive I'm kind of suprised that I never tried them, but I'm also proud that I never did. That and the fact that I've never been hogging before are two records I'm pretty proud of.

minijonb said...

I'm glad you wrote this. However, there's nothing decent about taking anyone's life regardless of if you take your own at the same time or not. O.J. has his own problems and Barry will just have to live with his own decisions. It's just a very sad day for all the families involved.

The Rev said...

Remember this...

Chris Benoit's biggest move for years in the ring was the flying headbutt. How many times did he fly off the top turnbuckle and drive his head into another wrestler's body or hit face first into the mat? Hell, he missed more often that he hit the wrestler. And I don't care if it is scripted and he is expecting it to happen. Each of those flying falls jiggles the brain a little bit more each time.

I think that had to contribute, along with whatever drugs were in his system. Look at what concussions did to Andre Waters?

rjk153 said...

Benoit was my favorite wrestler. I can't even fathom this whole situation. I don't know what to think anymore. Should I feel guilty if I still appreciate and enjoy his old matches or should I not even watch them anymore... That's where I'm stuck.

I just can't believe that he would do something like this. He never seemed like that type of guy before but I guess we never really know people, do we?

Robert Ward said...

I think the combination of being a little nutso to begin with and then adding booze (DWI) and roids, and a pinch of a once great career on the decline can make people snap.

I have to agree that Vince seems to toss out the older trash and a lot of them take it pretty hard.

PS- Barry could never find a noose big enough to hang his water-melon in.

Rainman said...

First, LMFAO " PS- Barry could never find a noose big enough to hang his water-melon in. "
He is such the roided out assmunch.

Never really watched wrestling much. I use to like to watch "the Rock" throw-ith the smackdown on guys and see Leda's thong before she kicked some other bitches ass but other than that it didnt float my boat.

-B- said...

Los, I never did follow wrestling much, but it is entertaining. This whole situation just floors me. To be so out of your mind that you kill loved ones - and one was your own child!! C'mon - what wrong could he have done to deserve this??!!! It pisses me off that things like this happen. Leave the innocents out of it!
Ink, I never knew you were a fan.
Crassius, great heartfelt post, man.