Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dog-Gone It!

Let me first apologize for blogging about another “sports” topic.

With that said, the Michael Vick saga took another turn yesterday, as it was reported he has now been indicted. In case you are unaware of who Michael Vick is, he is the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons (American Football), and has been one of the more popular players in recent years – appearing in all sorts of commercials and ads.

He was indicted the other day on charges having to do with raising, fighting, and killing pit bulls – it is a VERY grotesque “sport” that, even though illegal, is apparently popular down south. You can find out more about this story by going here:

Two of the main arguments supporting Vick are as follows. First, because he was raised down south, he grew up with this stuff, so he really didn’t know better. To me, that’s about as logical as eating crackers when you’re thirsty. One must understand that when one is a celebrity or superstar athlete, one is a role model whether one likes it or not. Mr. Vick, just because you have made a lot of money in the NFL, this does not make you invincible and above the law. I think there are many athletes (and stars) with this ridiculous mindset. Mr. Vick, you HAD to know that this would probably cause some trouble if anyone ever found out. I mean, the guy was making money hand over fist. Why risk it on something this demented, sick, and potentially damaging? Aren’t money and fame, not to mention your teammates, important enough to you, that when presented with this “endeavor,” you would decide against it? Am I giving you too much credit for this? Are you really this stupid, ignorant, and crazy?

The second argument deals with racisim. There are quite a few out there that believe that if this happened to say, Joe Montana, the public would treat it differently – give Joe a pass (no pun intended). Seriously? Do you really think that’s what the public would do? I can only speak for myself when I say I would shun the guy, and I’m guessing the vast majority of the population would be with me on this one. Do you think that Al Sharpton is trying to figure a way to get in on this, without “tarnishing” his image? Me too.

And I know that Vick hasn’t been proven guilty by anybody on this yet. However, when the government gets involved, you know they (a) have enough evidence to move forward, and (b) when they do indict somebody (like they did with Vick), they have a 95% success rate in court. Those odds aren’t too shabby, are they?

I feel bad for the Falcons – I mean, they just got rid of Schaub, and now they will most likely have to bank on Joey Harrington this season – looks like they may be on the clock for the 2008 draft.


Jeff said...

The case against Vick is truly foul. It's tough to see him avoiding jail. And that might be getting off easy.

Ron Mexico has never been a role model.

Sad that many will use Vick's race to excuse his bad behavior. Even if innocent of these charges, he's been a bad act for some time.

This isn't just southern. Chicago, Detroit, and Philly are known for dogfighting. And Amazon currently lists "Gamecock" and "Feathered Warrior" magazines.

Football-wise, Atlanta must wish it had LaDanian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, and 2 receivers instead of Ron Mexico.

Superstar said...

OHHH there is a sports show I saw the commercial Coscka maybe kimmel live??? I am not super sure?? Oh what is the name...Anyway they are talkin about steroids and use of drugs in the baseball arena's....
~shrugs shoulders~
Thats all I have...

El Padrino said...

read the idictment on the smoking gun, it's horrible

fucking horrible
he is screwed and deservedly so
fuck racism, it has nothing to do with that

Ink and Stone said...

Give Vick rabies.
Give another 'dog fight' person rabies.
Let them go at it in a pit.

Jeff said...

By the way, congratulations on replacing Bob Barker on The Price Is Right there, Drew.

Snow White said...

Great post! Bottom line, when are "celebrities" going to stand up and stop making excuses for their bad behavior? Time to join the real world folks... stand up and take responsibility for your mistakes.

minijonb said...

Vick is going to have a long, hard road ahead of him. He'll pay a price for this, but I think he'll play again eventually if he admits his wrong-doing. The American public are suckers (once) for people who fall on their sword.

As for the Falcons, I have a friend who insists Joey Harrington will have a great year in Atlanta... hummm, I'm not so sure abotu that.