Sunday, July 08, 2007

I Wouldn't Be More Surprised If I Woke Up With my Head Stapled to the Carpet ...

A friend of mine just sent me this picture which is going on sale on Ebay for $10,000. I know, I know – I try not to blog too much about Barry Bonds, but after seeing this, I couldn’t resist. I mean, seriously – at this point, is there any doubt that Bonds has probably plugged himself with more steroids than a champion race horse … or a Tour De France winner? This picture is priceless – I think $10,000 is far too low a price.

But, that’s not the only reason I chose to blog about Barry. He was somehow voted in as a starter for the NL all-stars this season. Obviously, those San Francisco fans stuffed the ballots more than Central American politicians, my friends. It is a crying shame that he got voted in, and not because he’s a cheater (although that’s reason enough). Ladies and gentleman, the biggest reason why he shouldn’t have been voted in was that his stats were not all-star quality. But, since the all-star game is being held in San Francisco this year, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the MLB “helped” in his selection.

But that’s ok – karma has a way of evening things out. One would figure that Bonds would be more than willing to appease his own hometown fans by participating in the home-run derby, right? Nope – ol’ melon-head decided that he was too good for that. When questioned about it, he basically said that thrilling his hometown fans really didn’t matter to him, and he could do whatever the hell he wants to. Great work, Barry. Burn you last bridge. I hope those fans finally see you for what you are.

In the meantime, does anybody have $10,000 that they wouldn’t mind giving to me?


Jeff said...

How funny that it said Bonds was "created" by BALCO.

Bonds can say anything he wants about SF. Dogs attach more conditions to their affections than SF does with Bonds.

Crassius Maximus said...

When he was skinny, he was the best player in the game. He got hosed out of at least 2 or 3 MVPs for being an a-hole, then became a bitterman when Sammy Sooser and Mike McGwire got all of that love for their lil' home run race. That's when the light went off: Hey, I'll inject myself with pig intesines and be back on top in no time, getting the much craved media attention I want.

snowelf said...

I'll lend you the money, Los! :)

I'm calling Barry Bonds "ol' melon head" from now on!


El Padrino said...

he's a whore

realityCheck21 said...

As much as I like a good conspiracy theory, Bonds getting into the All-Star game probably had more to do with fans just being dumb and going with name recognition than anything else.

It seems to be norm with all the leagues. Putting post-prime players in All-Star games is about as American as keeping shitty TV shows on television.

Ink and Stone said...

I'm gonna staple your head to the carpet... for the fun of it.

minijonb said...

I don't understand how anyone can take Bonds seriously. He's like a cartoon character by now.

Superstar said...

So how about those Dimondbacks??

Steroids or no...Sports "stuff" seems to always be an investment, rather than an expense...Kinda like realestate...HMMM

10K??? Seriously? ~shakes head~

The Rev said...

If Mike Schmidt can get voted in to an all-star game after he retired, then Barry Bonds can get voted in this year.

Los said...

Jeff - So, what you are saying is that SF and Bonds are made for each other?

Crass - No excuses for Bonds ... if he wasn't such an as*, maybe we'd want to like him more.

Snow - Let the revolution begin!

ElP - Paris Hilton thinks he's a whore.

Reality Check - That's probably a big part of it, but I'm willing to bet that SF had the overwhelming majority of votes for him.

Ink - Go play in traffic.

Minijonb - I'm hoping his knees fall off during the game tonight.

Superstar - Good point - and the real-estate keeps getting bigger on Bonds' skull.

Rev - But Schmidty was cool.