Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust ...

I got an interesting text message last night from a good friend of mine, Davers. It stated, “Picked me up a fiancé last night.” If you know anything about Davers, this text will make perfect sense. I’ve known the guy since I was 6, when his family moved from South Philly to just a few blocks from my house. I remember walking by and seeing a little police tricycle on the front lawn and saying to myself, “Great, just what we need, more little kids” Remember, I was 6.

Little did I know that this 4-year old was already way better than me in sports. The kid was a natural – could pick up any game and master it in no-time. He began playing soccer when he was 8, and instantly became the best player on the team. He was a tri-sport captain in high school, and was being recruited by colleges, until he blew his knee out.

His real passion in life, however, has always been fishing. If possible, he probably would fish 12 hours a day, every day. He loves fishing in Brigantine – something his father probably instilled in him when he was born. The family has a place in Brigantine and Davers ended up moving down there a few years ago, working for some insurance company (I think).
Anyway, he met a girl probably about 1 ½ years ago, and it went really well. I think he even sacrificed some surf-fishing time to be with her … yep, it was true love. Anyway, when he texted me, I came up with some possible scenarios on how he popped the question:

* He brought her over to help him gut some stripers, and he ended up pulling a ring out of one of the striper’s intestines.

* He took her on the beach and had her reel in one of his fishing poles, which had the ring on the end of it (He told me he was considering this, but (A) he was afraid a bluefish would eat the ring, and (B) that she might not like this technique).

* He took her to the Rod and Reel at 4:30 a.m. after a hard night of partying, ordered some buffalo wings, and when the plate came out, there was a ring aournd one of the drumsticks (local Brigantine water-hole that Davers frequents).

* He took her to the Tropicana, went to the sportsbook, bet on a race, and the cashier gave him a ring instead of a ticket.

* He took her to a craps table, and instead of putting a chip down on the “Don’t Pass Line,” he placed a ring there (Davers’ favorite table game).

In talking to him, I was relieved to find out that he did none of these, and actually was kind of romantic (something very un-Davers-like). He took her on the beach after a booze cruise (ok, maybe not that romantic), and gave her a chocolate rose, with the ring underneath the chocolate … oh yeah, and it was her birthday.

I’m proud of him – I never thought I’d see the day a lady could take him away from the sea.


Snow White said...

Great post! Just found your blog, but I like what I've read. I'll be back!

snowelf said...

Awww! If I am ever proposed to again, I'm really hoping for it to be unexpectedly creative like those!!

Congrats to your friend, Los!!


The Rev said...

If he needs a DJ, I'll give him a good rate.

Pass that along to Davers. I'll take care of him.

Mama en Fuego said...

Damn, I got a ring in a teddy bear on Valentines Day in the parking lot at my office during my lunch break. It's good thing Tony's cute and I was knocked up. LOL!!

Superstar said...

HMMM Chocolate roses...mmmm

My ex proposed to me at the top of the Space needle in Seattle. He bought this giant bear and the box was on the paw.

~shakes head~ yeah if I knew then, what I know now...I would have hid my credit cards and ran!!!

It was very romantic..he was an Engineer BTW...not the best at relationships w/ people...LOL ;)

Mama en Fuego said...

Super - He was an evil bastard and God did you a favor.

Los said...

Snow White - Welcome! I hope you do return!

Snow Elf - I'm sure you'll be proposed to again, in due time!

Rev - Always trying to pimp your services ... I'll mention it to him.

Mama - There's something to be said about being proposed to in a parking lot ... I'm not sure what, but does that matter?

Superstar - That's a story I need to read!