Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tour De Wha?

Not sure if anybody noticed, but the Tour De France is going on. What a mess of a sport cycling has become – the NHL thinks they are handling things poorly. Nobody can seem to figure out how to test for steroids, how many times cyclists should be tested, how to keep tests clean … sometimes it seems like Major League Baseball is following the policy of professional cycling.

I apologize first of all, because I have no idea if there is a “league” for professional cycling – the sport just doesn’t interest me. I mean, sure, I got caught up in the Lance Armstrong phenomena every summer at this time for the past bunch of years, and yeah, I was excited when Landis won last year, especially since he’s sort of a local guy. But the circus that followed this, and continues almost one year later, is just ridiculous. It seems like every year, we hear about some sort of doping scandal in cycling.

Here’s the thing, when there are no U.S. favorites in the Tour De France, nobody really cares about cycling (or at least the masses don’t). Add this big controversy/scandal to the mix, and this sport is in real danger of reaching WNBA status, if it hasn’t already. And, I’m not trying to belittle what these guys do. Just reading about the Tour De France makes me exhausted – one must be in the best possible physical condition to even finish this course.

And with professional athletes having this huge competitive streak in them, some may look for some sort of advantage. I know, this probably happens in every sport … but at least the four major ones are INTERESTING. I tried watching some of the Tour De France on Versus (awful station, by the way), and after 30 seconds, I began sensing that this was a waste, and I could find many better ways to spend my time.

So, with that said, what do you guys think about the Tour De France? Has this event reached the point where it will never again be popular in the U.S.? Are many of the problems related to it being held in France and run by the French?


Jeff said...

Without a Lance Armstrong-type figure, the only 2 reasons to watch are the flower girls on stage.

Without a front-mounted camera -- to see everything they fly past -- it's as compelling as watching someone on the bike at the gym. And how long can you watch that view?

At least the flower girls are 2 more reasons than the WNBA has.

Superstar said...

My EX was big into cycling. ~rolls eyes~ When he suggested a 300 mile bike trip from Seattle to Portland I put up my hand and said, sure, I will be glad to drive a car with the hazard lights on! He and his family did the trip every year. They do this race every year, S.T.P. I just and still do find it NUTS to put your body in that much havoic!

Good luck on the biking!
~tips back xantini~

snowelf said...

Really, the only sport I even have an interest in watching on TV is football. It's just the most exciting to me and I don't think it would be the same at a live game unless you had awesome seats. I think baseball is sooooo boring on TV. I guess I got spoiled going to Cardinal games? And hockey is also so much more interesting live--although it's my next favorite to watch on TV since it's full of action. I just don't care about basketball in any form.
So cycling, or golf, or bowling, or tennis... z-z-z-z-z...


Crassius Maximus said...

Yes, because we liberated the Francophiles a few decades back and they still hate us. Sacre Blue!!

El Padrino said...

didnt care when lance was doing it, dont care now

they are just riding bikes for days

it's not interesting

would rather watch a rock paper sciossor tourney

minijonb said...

i've watched the Tour on OLN (now Versus) for years. you're right: Versus stinks, an dthe only good thing on OLN was the Tour.

i really don't have any interest in watching this year. that might change if a rider does something spectacular like what Landis did last year or what Lance did year after year. but there are so many questions about doping that i'd rather watch one of the big 4 sports... or soccer... or auto racing... too many options.

Mama en Fuego said...

Tour de wha is my senitments exactly. What's the point? I don't particularly like the French to begin with...

Los said...

Jff -Ah, finally a reason to watch, the Flower Girls!!!!

Superstar - 300 mile bike trip? Ugh, I'm getting tired just reading that.

Snowelf - I love football and hockey ... also like baseball at times.

Crass - Your comment made me think about when Chocolate Mousse said Sacre Blue in Top Secret!

Minijonb - Versus is trying hard to be a sports channel ... but failing miserably.

Mama - Gots to love those french fries, though, right?

Nikki said...

Tour de Franzzzzzzzzzzz

I'd rather pluck my nose hairs.

Mama en Fuego said...

I luva da frech fries, but dey don't lika my ass!!

Steph said...

I only watch the highlights. I love seeing them all crash. You can get really messed up coming off a bike, and with litte protection on too, it's hilarious!