Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why Do Some Weekends Have To End?

You ever have one of those weekends you wish would never end? Yep – this past weekend was one of them. First of all, for me, it was a three-day weekend, which is a good start.

Thursday night after work, a group of us went to the Police concert at Citizen’s Bank Park – I’ve always wanted to see these guys, and they didn’t disappoint. Sure, some of the songs had to be done in a different key than the original – that’s kind of what happens when you get older. But, these guys still know how to rock. I was surprised at just how good of a guitarist Andy Summers is, it never really did come across on their studio albums, but the guy can shred. Mr. Copeland was awesome, as I expected he would be. And, Sting’s basework is often forgotten (thanks to his adult contemporary music). And mother nature spared us, as it was threatening to rain all day, and even did drizzle a little while we were tailgating, but that was it.

On Friday, I spent most of the day doing house-work so that I could have the rest of the weekend to myself. This wasn’t much fun, as can be expected, but I did manage to come away with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that this would be all the work I’d be doing for the rest of the weekend. On Friday night, my friend Slant and I went down to Barnaby’s for happy hour, and discussed all kinds of topics, from Sesame Street to 80’s music. We were both miffed that Big Bird was looked at as kind of a lunatic when we were growing up – none of the adults ever saw his friend Snuffleupagus (sp), even though he was a 10,000 pound mastodon. Additionally, we couldn’t believe that Cookie Monster was now eating fruits and vegetables, and we considered writing the fine folks at the Children’s Television Workshop, and asking them to rename him “Waldorf Salad Monster.” I also “discovered” that my first foray into reggae music was through Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long,” and UB40’s “Red, Red Wine.” Move over, Peter Tosh!

On Saturday, my friend Yon invited us down to Long Beach Island – he rented a place there for the week. The weather was perfect – not too warm, nice breeze, and sunny – the best ingredients for a beach day. I, of course, got burned because I still haven’t learned the finer techniques of applying sun-screen to all parts of my body (I have blotches of redness on my arms). Saturday evening, another good friend of ours and his girlfriend came down, and we ordered some really good seafood – ate it on the deck whilst drinking Long Island Iced Teas (or Long Beach Island Iced Teas). Then, we ended up playing some drinking games, and Yon got so hammered he ended up wearing somebody’s bikini (thanks to a rule in A$$hole).

Nothing exciting really happened on Sunday – just the ending of a great week (and the ruing of the week to come).


Jeff said...

Turning Cookie Monster into Salad Monster is criminal.

Does Oscar now live in a recycling bin instead of a trash can?

Crassius Maximus said...

I never knew he switched from cookies...

-B- said...

Sounded like an almost perfect weekend. What would've topped it off - seeing a great ballgame on Sunday (don't know if any great games happened in the Philly area that Sunday... but anyway...).

But on to a more serious topic... What are they doing to Cookie Monster???!!!! That's rediculous - I am getting rid of my Sesame Street pillow cases!!!

El Padrino said...


classic weekend

gotta love them

Ink and Stone said...

Very Cool! The Police are one of my favorite bands (as you know). Hope they rocked the house!

Christina_the_wench said...

I love "A$$hole". I usually make the rule that other players have to declare my greatness while walking backwards around the table. I'm a bitch that way.

Sounds like a fun time, dude.

Superstar said...

How is he the "cookie monster" if he is eating apples???? I just don't get it! ~shakes head~

MMMMM ~licks lips~ LOBSTER!!!!! MMMMMMMM
Actually I prefer crab over lobster....did you catch it yourselves? That is always fun at least once...more than that and well, come on, that is what fisherman do right?!?!?!

I almost have my guitar paid for! WHOOO HOOOO!

minijonb said...

now i'm regretting not figuring out a way to see the Police on this tour.

glad you had a good time.

snowelf said...

Oh my god, Jeff's recycling bin comment... hahahahahaa!!

I have seen a lot of Sesame Street since I am the proud owner of two HUGE Sesame Fans... and I will say they did a take off of the apprentice, where instead of Mr. Trump, they had Mr. Grump.

Cookie Monster STILL eats cookies, but he eats healthy food now too. he has a little song called "Cookies are a sometimes food."

Oh yea. I'm lame.

But at least I like the police. :) Glad they didn't let you down!!