Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DBT Recap

I know there are some of you who are interested in DBT 2K8, and how it went (if we survived). Well, I’m happy to say that for the most part, it was another great success. Some bars really surprised us, while others disappointed … but that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?

We started at Trios Cold Cuts – it’s basically a deli that has a pub attached to it. It was actually stroke of genius to start there as (a) they have fantastic food, (b) said food provided a good stomach “lining” in preparation for a day/night of heavy drinking, and (c) the place served beer. Rolling Rock was the choice of yours truly, although I did have my eye on the Olde English.

After finishing our food/drink, we strolled across the street to Hunt’s Annex Lounge. The 3-4 regulars that had started their drinking at noon where none too pleased to see us … I’m guessing the lone bartender probably crapped his pants as well. Nothing really exciting at this place, other than a big fan used by some fat guys to eliminate their body sweat.

Our next stop was the Red Lantern – and we needed to take public transportation for the first time that day. The bar has really cleaned itself up …except for the shoddy bathroom. We played darts and Golden Tee, and then moved onto Uncle Snazzi’s. The place once again got the award for best/worst bar on the tour. No beer on tap, no napkins or food, and warm Jagermeister … that’s right, folks – the bartender gave me a shot after I bought a round of beer for the “team.” It went down like a bucket of nails. Sadly, this wouldn’t be the last shot for me.

We traveled to Dino’s, where I ordered some pretty tasty chicken fingers and fries. Some of the guys were playing quaits … I chose to sit back, watch some sports, and make fun of the other DBT team members.

We went to the Frontier Saloon to watch the horse race … at this point, I had enough alcohol in me not to care about the horses … the good news was that my billiards play had improved. The Milmont Inn was our second-to-last stop …. I thought at this point that my brother would probably not make it to Durty Nelly’s, our last destination … but he sucked it up and continued on.

At Durty Nelly’s, two older women were flirting with “Yon,” and it got pretty funny before it got nasty. Slant and I decided to call him “The Natural.” He shunned the one girl in favor of the other, and all hell broke loose. This one older lady was looking for a hookup, and Yon didn’t take her up on it. She freaked out on him, causing him to change locations at the bar. She then tried to hit on me, calling me “Big Boy.” My wife was there to make sure this “broad” kept her distance, thankfully.

All in all, a good night … not sure of the tally on who, if anyone puked.


scargosun said...

Now THAT is a bar crawl! Excellent!

The Rev said...

I guess I'm most shocked that Yon shunned anyone.

Alaina said...

Good times. Good times.

Crassius Maximus said...

So, Sex and the City star Secretariat Jessica Parker was doin'some trollin' in Philly, eh?


sirgeb said...

I certainly did not bring the goods this year. I am ashamed.

Jeff said...

I once went on a bar tour in which the honoree got so hammered that he misspelled "beer" on the drink log.

This should be your goal for next year.

El Padrino said...


nice one crass

sounded like a good time
warm jager is disgusting

Steph said...

A pub crawl? You sure you're not really an Aussie?

Los said...

Scargosun - I came out of it relatively unscathed.

Rev - Yon continues to amaze ...

Alaina - Indeed!

Crass - I fed her some sugar cubes.

Geb - It was the antibiotics, right?

Jeff - Done!

ElP - I was able to drink it, thanks to the beer.

Steph - Crocodile Dundee was in my blood that day!

Lisa said...

Sounds like fun ... I'll have to get the deets on the broad from Schue. Sounds like a story! ... babs