Monday, June 09, 2008

My First Job ...

..I’m on a kick about discussing some of my previous jobs (in other words, I have writer’s block). My first real job lasted approximately 10 minutes – We went to this local restaurant for 8th grade graduation (we being me, some friends, and our parents). We – the kids, decided to apply for a job at said restaurant. Later that fall, I received a phone call – a lady from the restaurant informed me that I was hired (as a bus-boy), and that I should come in the next afternoon.

I was pretty excited and nervous at the same time … I was just going into 9th grade, and outside of helping my dad with his tool and dye side work in the garage, I never really did much outside of take the trash out or mow the lawn. I went in dressed in a white buttoned-down shirt and black pants, per the lady’s instructions. I walked in the door, announced to somebody that I was called in to work, and one of the bus-boys began taking me on my tour.

My first question (something I probably should’ve asked prior to accepting the offer) had to do with my hours. For some reason, I figured I’d work from 3-7, or 3-8 … I’m not sure where I came up with that number, but when they told me it was more like 3 to midnight, I almost swallowed my tongue. When the hell was I supposed to do my school work? What about the high school sports teams I wanted to play for? I didn’t let on that I was shocked by the hours, as the bus boy continued showing me around the place.

Basically, he showed me how to clear and set tables, and take the table cloths to the washing machines. It seemed pretty simple, so far. Then, he took me into the kitchen, where I would be dropping off the plates, silverware, and glasses. Maybe it was karma, just bad timing, or a combination of both, but as I walked into the kitchen, I saw one of the “chefs” drop a piece of meet on a really dirty floor (I’m assuming it was accidental), and then pick it up and throw it back on the grill like nothing happened. It made my stomach turn, as this was a restaurant I had enjoyed in the past.

I immediately knew that I would never be able to work there under any circumstances … ever. I told the bus-boy “mentor” that my mom was still outside, and I had to let her know that she could leave. The bus-boy felt that this was a reasonable excuse – instructing me that he would be in the kitchen when I got back.

My mom was still outside all right, but I wasn’t telling her to leave. Instead, I hopped in the car, and told her to drive me home –that the job really wasn’t for me. I think I had a hard time eating dinner that night … I think I may have even asked my mom if the meat had accidentally been dropped.


scargosun said...

OMG too funny. You have to tell me where it was! Glad you guys had fun on your dive crawl. It was certainly a hot weekend to do it but glad you all survived.

The Rev said...

I gotta know which restaurant this was.

Stolen Colon said...

Well if I rember correctly I was at lunch with you...I believe it was Me, you, Drew, Brian and Rich..I don't know maybe I am wrong but I believe it was Erin Pub !!

Superstar said...

I have an alternate ending...your Mom made you put on traditional German garb and go back to finish your shift!

Why didn't you just shovel snow or mow lawns? hehehehehe

Lisa said...

Can't say I blame you ... I'd have a "beef" with that too!! .... Babs

schue said...

I can't believe I even go to restaurants. After all the stories you read on the internet or news speicials, eww.

Kristin said...

I worked at the Cheesecake Factory for 3 hours.

Jeff said...

I think you spent more time typing this post than working at that dump.

But did they pick up the steak within the 5 Second Rule?

Also, I can imagine this conversation:
Karl: "Ricky, you'll love the steak here."
Watters: "For who? For what?"

El Padrino said...

this has to happen all over

but what you dont see cant hurt you

Los said...

Scargosun - Let's just say, if you ever eat in Norwood, you might want to think twice.

Rev - You know it all too well.

Stolen colon - I'll never tell ... at least not here.

Superstar - Oh, I did those things too ... this was my first "real" job.

Babs - Hey-yo!

Schue - We should open our own restaurant that serves nothing but scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

Kristin - I heard I need to go there.

Jeff - the steak was definitely picked up within 5 seconds ... the floor was filthy.

ElP - I agree ... don't tell me what's in the Chinese food, dammit!

Alaina said...

Oh no... you have to explain "big-boy"... definately have to explain.

minijonb said...

your decision making skills were very sharp back then. i might have stuck around for a night to try to get paid, but you made the right call.

Paige Jennifer said...

Silly boy, all of the money is in babysitting. Four hours = $40 tax free. I was a baller well before I knew what a baller was.