Monday, June 30, 2008

Since I started blogging about 3 years ago, I’ve found many great reasons to enjoy blogging. First, I’ve found some very creative and funny bloggers. I enjoy catching up on each of their lives, or just laughing at their funny posts. Second, I’ve discovered that I enjoy writing (blogging) – sure, I’m not a great writer, but that doesn’t stop me from blogging. Third, I find blogging relaxing and a great stress reliever, sometimes. I can blog about what’s on my mind, or situations that I’m going through, and get encouragement from my “blogging neighborhood). Which leads me into the discovery of another reason I enjoy blogging.

About a month ago (or more), I posted a blog about a person I used to be best friends with, and how we had a falling out about 5 years ago. We became friends working at the same pet shop when we were in high school, and ended becoming like brothers. Sadly, things fell apart between us, and things only got worse over time. You can read my post here (scroll about half-way down to the “Just something I need to get off my chest” posting) to get caught up on it.

I had no idea that this person even knew about my blog, let alone read it. I figured he’d probably put all of this crap behind him and moved on with his life – which probably got me even more pissed off (I couldn’t figure out how he could do this). Surprisingly enough (at least to me), he indeed read my blog, and created his own blog to respond to mine – you can find it here: Serenity. Please, if you take the time to read the blog, make sure to read my response to it.

He posted on my blog so that I could find his, and I was amazed. First, I was amazed that somebody would actually created a blog in response to something I wrote – like I said, I didn’t expect him to read it, let alone give a rat’s ass about what I had to say. Obviously, he still valued the friendship we had, enough to go out of his way to do this.

In reading his blog, I realized something … actually, I realized a lot of things. First, and foremost, I realized how different two people’s “truths” can be. I saw one side of a situation, yet he saw another. Here’s something else I realized – if you don’t confront something or someone and let things go, sometimes these things can go horribly wrong. Both of us probably should’ve sat down and talked about things IMMEDIATELY. We didn’t, and lost 5 years of friendship.

Back to his blog. I read it, and even though I was very upset with some of the things he wrote about me, I realized that he had a very different view of what happened. You see, this is what happens to stubborn people like me and him. I thought my viewpoint was gospel, and he did the same. The thing that really kills me is that we were far too good of friends to let something like the Tennessee incident (and other subsequent situations) end our friendship … but somehow, it did … until now.

After I posted my response to his blog, we began to communicate by e-mail, attempting to maybe salvage anything that may have been left of our friendship. We worked through a lot of the crap that had unfortunately grown over the years. We began calling each other (and no, we’re not gay) … and you know what – I’m am genuinely surprised (and extremely happy) that we’ve been able to begin rebuilding our friendship. It’s like an empty part of my heart has been filled again (again, I’m not gay). Once, I was able removed the stubbornness and rage that I had, I realized how much I missed his and his wife’s friendship. They meant the world to me back in the day, and I let something stupid get in the way. Nick, I will never let that happen again – I promise.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What both of you did takes guts.

I don't know if I could lay myself out there like that.

I'm glad you guys are working things out, in a completely non-gay way. :-)

Stolen Colon said...

GAY !!!!!! Just kidding..

Nice night !!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Wow. What a good feeling! I'm all warm and fuzzy inside. Nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing two gay (jolly) men putting the past behind them and uniting as one again. I'm so glad for you!!!

Lisa said...

Break out the guitar, time for a round of kumbaya!!! JK, I'm glad things worked out -- you're both good people, and I'm glad you've patched things up. ... babs

Kristin said...

I love the magic of the internet! ;-)

scargosun said...

That alone is reason enough to blog. Great outcome.

Reverse said...

Time for a poker game?

-B- said...

(after reading the Serenity blog)For what it's worth Los - that's a very normal thing to happen when a couple has kids. The single friends don't come around as much, thinking that the couple with the child/children are busy enough. It happened to Dee and I, and countless other friends - at the same time, new friends are made - other couples with children come into the picture.
It seems like there was a break in the communication line between two stubborn friends. That line has been mended, and hopefully soon the friendship will be what it was once more! Glad you guys are putting it out there - work it out!!

El Padrino said...


snowelf said...

Los, I agree. Where most people would have continue to throw anger back and forth, you guys took the adult way back to each other. Very admirable indeed--so glad you guys were able to kiss and make--er---
hehe. Just kidding. :)


The Rev said...

Know how I know you're gay?

Cause you blog about your feelings and stuff.

You should blog about women's breasts next time.

Los said...

Alaina - Sometimes, we gotta mature.

Colon - Kind of gay, I guess.

Mama - Blogging rules, doesn't it?

Lisa - I'm glad we finally grew up!

Kristin - It never ceases to amaze!

Scargosun - Amen!

Reverse - Might be ...

B - Yep, I hear ya.

ElP - You da man!

Snowelf - Being an adult is a rarity for me!

Rev - Ba-da-bing!

Fairmaiden327 said...

This was a great read.

my2¢ said...

Hey Karl, I won't let it happen again either! Great to be back! Nick