Thursday, June 26, 2008

Have No Fear ...

I’ve always related to the underdog, ever since I can remember. Maybe it’s a product of growing up in a city where my professional sports teams are always considered the underdogs. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t the best soccer player growing up, or maybe it was because I wasn’t the tallest kid in my class (actually, much closer to the smallest). I’m sure both of these, along with many other untold “influences” always made me root for the underdog.

There was always a part of me that wanted to see the coyote catch the road-runner. He put in so much time and effort, and always came up short. This was also how I felt about Tom and Jerry. Just for once, I’d like to see that stupid cat catch that smart-alecky mouse. Tom always seemed to get the short-end of the stick.

Heck, I even let this tip over to cereal commercials. I was genuinely pissed that the Leprechaun could never get away from those pesky kids in the Lucky Charms commercials. No matter how elaborate his plans were, those brats always found him. Heck, I remember one time he even took a rocket-ship to the moon, and wouldn’t you know it –those kids were already there ready to steal his cereal.

Or, how about that Trix rabbit? Those kids would never share with him, always giving him some kind of lip service, saying “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids.” Oh really? You mean, adults couldn’t even have these? Seriously? Well, since I seem to never forget stupid things, I remember once when the “fine” people at Trix did some sort of contest, asking kids if they wanted to see the rabbit eat Trix. Well, apparently, the response was overwhelming – kids voted that they DID in fact want to see the rabbit eat Trix. Sure enough, the Trix people did a commercial in which the rabbit finally DID get to eat a bowl of Trix … however, they threw everyone a curve-ball, by ending the commercial as if it was a dream – the rabbit actually woke up and realized he did NOT in fact get to eat any Trix. Man, was I pissed!

It even bled into the whole Charmin commercials. Remember Mr. Whipple? I certainly do … and I remember his plight, too. It was his JOB not to let those idiotic shoppers squeeze the Charmin, but those shoppers never, ever listened, and it really pissed me off. How dare those shoppers get in the way and prevent poor Mr. Whipple from doing what he got paid for! And it wasn’t like it was one or two shoppers – it seemed as if EVERYBODY had to squeeze those damn Charmins, seemingly oblivious to the signs that Mr. Whipple placed strategically all around said toilet paper.

Of course, there was really no point to this posting – I just figured I’d share.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I agree. I agree.

Just once. I want the underdog to win. And win big.

The Rev said...

You love to squeeze your Charmin. I know you do.

sirgeb said...

I think you have this problem because you're from Philly. You love rooting for teams/things that just never win.

Ink and Stone said...

Except that Wile E. Coyote always bought items from Acme to help him catch the Roadrunner and they never worked. You think he would have learned that Acme's products are crap!

Though I like the 'Earthquake Birdseed' episode. Classic!

Jeff said...


Do you root for the terrorists to kill Jack Bauer?

The Manic Street Preacher said...

When you've spent your life supporting Oldham Athletic Football Club and cheered England on to glorious defeat on a regular basis you realise that you are actually the underdog.

Cheer me on then ;-)

-B- said...

What cracked me up about cereal and toy commercials is that the "parental units" were always made out to be bumbling idiots that always got tangled up or conked in the head with something and all the kids were laughing.... now I realize I'm the bumbling parent in those commercials!!! LOL!

Lisa said...

RICKY!! ... babs

Lisa said...

ooops ... ROCKY!!!


minijonb said...

i usually root for the underdog as well. it's more fun that way. my favorite soccer team is West Ham United, the ultimate in under-achievers.

speaking of soccer, the Euro 2008 final is on Sunday. Germany vs. Spain. don't miss it.

Superstar said...

The theme of the underdog winning has sure kept Hollywood alive for along time.

Boy get's the girl at the end. The hero saves the day, the bad guy get's his just rewards.

Oh, I think the "rabbit" was a metephor for "adults"...Just my spin...

Steph said...

Hollywood has made gazillions on the underdog winning....Yes, I like those movies too.

smialek316 said...

I could always relate to Mr.Whipple. Having worked in a supermarket for a number of years, it always pissed me off when you work long and hard to make a display look nice, and some Jackass messes with it. Usually it was some unsupervised little monster.

snowelf said...

I am also a fan of the underdog... I can't help it. As soon as I started reading this post, I was like "Oh yea--post about the Trix Rabbit too!" and you DID! I always thought it was wicked mean to keep the Trix Rabbit from eating Trix. What kind of horrible children would do that to a cute little bunny? Jerks!


Los said...

Alaina - I make a perfect Philly sports fan.

Rev - Who doesn't?

Geb - That's me. I was a fan of S.D., Special Delivery, Jones.

Ink - I'm surprised there was no competing company to Acme.

Jeff - Absolutely not!

Street Preacher - You are my favorite team.

-B - I will definitely be a bumbling parent someday.

Lisa - For a second, I thought you were talking about Better off Dead.

Minijonb - Damn those Germans!

Superstar and Steph - I'm a fan of those movies!

Matt - Amen, brother!

Snowelf - I'm glad I'm not the only one who had issues with Trix.