Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love and Hate

There are certain things of this Earth that I both love and hate at the same time. I was reminded of this whilst cooking some chicken breast on the Foreman Grill. God, I love the ease of cooking on the ol’ Foreman … but I absolutely HATE cleaning that thing. I know, I know – the science wizards have come up with a new Foreman Grill where you can actually take the grilling plates out and throw in the dishwasher … but at this point, I don’t feel like shelling any more money out to Mr. Foreman. Dude, I already have two of your grills – can’t you send me one with those grilling plates free of charge? Seriously!

I love driving my Nissan Altima, but man, do I hate washing and cleaning it. I do a thorough washing, vacuuming, and spray-cleaning the interior around once a month, and the car still looks and smells new … I hate doing it though. But, I feel worse when I don’t … I gotta thank my parents for instilling this German guilt in me.

I thoroughly enjoy the Scunci Steamer we have – it makes cleaning things so much easier. Unfortunately, I hate how fragile this thing is. We’ve had it for about two years, and it’s already broken. I really don’t feel like shelling out another $60 for another Scunci Steamer, but I miss steam cleaning … and no, I’m not gay.

I love weekends, especially in the summer time … but man, do I hate how quickly they go by. Case and point – we had a 3-day weekend this past weekend, but it didn’t really feel any longer than the normal 2-day weekends. I’m half-tempted to stop having fun on weekends just so they last longer … and no, I’m not retarded.

I’m a fan of Jeopardy, even though, for the most part, it makes me feel stupid. But, I really, really don’t like Alex Trebek even a little bit. He seems really pompous to me, and when he pronounces French and Spanish words, it’s like somebody is scratching a chalk board.

Any of you have any “love/hate” things to share?


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I hate that I can't find anything worthwhile to post about myself. :-)

schue said...

I hate putting my clothes away. I want a closet that is all hooks.

Ink and Stone said...

I love driving, I hate traffic.

I love music, I hate that music has become more about business than music. Also hate that good indy or non-label music never get the time of day.

I love Winter. I hate ice storms.

I love astronomy. I hate that good telescopes for deep field viewing cost an arm and a leg.

Crassius Maximus said...

Love football, hate the injuries. Love JMoyer, hate Adam "the bitch" Eaton.

smialek316 said...

Hey brother, thanks for the encouraging words on my blog, and I hope everything is okay with your friend. Blogging is a good remedy, although over the past six months or so I have just not been in the mood, for obvious reasons.

As for love/hate I would have to agree with you on weekends. I would also submit the Football season. I love Football, it has always been my favorite sport. I love gathering with my friends to watch the games from September through January, but I hate the fact that when the season is over Winter is in full swing, and we usualy have about two feet of snow on the ground. I LOVE FOOTBALL, but HATE WINTER.

El Padrino said...

love beer, hate the gut

minijonb said...

i love my cohort, but i hate my generation.

Lisa said...

Love hair and make-up ... hate "getting ready" to go somewhere. ... babs

Superstar said...

just the worlds way of proving with "ying" you need "yang" and vice versa? heheheheh

Jeff said...

I love Notre Dame and USC losing. I hate that somebody has to win when they play each other.

(Same for Florida State and Miami, Ohio State and Michigan, etc.)

Does that count?

Los said...

Alaina - ba-da-bing!

Schue - Amen!

Ink - Good one with the traffic!

Crass - Eaton is stealing money.

Matt - I like snow when it is falling, but I hate shoveling it.

ElP - I think you might be the winner.

Minijonb - Eh, I'm ok with my generation for the most part.

Lisa - Love parties ... hate driving home from them.

Superstar - I guess it's what makes the world go 'round.

Jeff - Now THAT was funny!

scargosun said...

I love to cook, hate the lbs it packs on.
I love fall hate raking leaves.
I love to nap but it wastes time...