Tuesday, September 13, 2005


As most of you (sports fans) probably know, watermelon-headed Barry Bonds made his "triumphant" return to baseball last night, almost hitting a home-run for the lowly San Francisco Giants. I'm guessing the Bay-area fans are pretty excited that their superstar slugger is finally back. But, I'm probably speaking for the vast majority of the public when I say that I hope his knee falls off - the sooner, the better.

I will not argue that Bonds is probably the best player I've seen (I'm hoping Utley, Pujlhols, or even A-Rod eclipse him, because I hate admitting it). But, the combination of his arrogance, his alleged sterroid abuse (the man is more guilty than O.J. in my opinion), and that huge plated-armor elbow pad he is still allowed to wear to protect him from an injury in 1992 - I just can't stand the man. Plus, now he is close to setting the home-run record. Somebody has to stop him. If I were a starting pitcher, I would aim the ball at the big beachball on top of his shoulders with every pitch. I hate him.


theadhdspecialist said...
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Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Hey... someone spammed this blog too! I think they need to take their own crappy supplements.

Don't you love it when someone ends their sentences with :-) When did that become acceptable punctuation?

And one more thing... Barry Bonds is a knob ;)

Ink and Stone said...

HA! He said knob! :-)

Jeff said...

So, Karl,l tell us how you REALLY feel about Bonds.

Don't worry, that's how his teammates feel, too. I've been told by someone who's actually been inside the Giants clubhouse that nobody talks to Barry unless Barry speaks to them first. Nobody.

Also (from the same source) that several players have been traded away from the Giants after clubhouse fights with Bonds -- even though, in at least one specific case, the other player was standing up for his teammates.

I do wonder: if Bonds got drilled in the head, would it deflate?