Wednesday, September 07, 2005

An Intriguing Question.

After one of our normally weird conversations, Ryk and I came up with an intriguing question. which is more dangerous - a smart insane person or a dumb insane person? I'm not sure the answer, because I'm sure both could create a lot of damage and destruction. However, Ryk said that it is kind of like comparing a mad scientist and a deranged lunatic ... but again, we didn't come up with which is worse. If any of you have an opinion on this matter, please share it, and let me know how you came upon your answer.


Ink and Stone said...

I'm going to go with the smart insane person, just because they have the capacity of putting grand schemes into action that involve world domination, etc.

Now, the dumb insane could only ever aspire to be someone's lackey, insane lackey maybe, but still a lackey.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Both have their bad points.

I agree with the smart insane person being powerful. They can get grander schemes going and formulate a plan. Yet, a formulated plan can also be easier to counteract because if you can find out about it, you can take the steps to neutralize it. Another smart person can figure out his next step just by thinking like he does.

And besides, smart and insane doesn't necessarily mean evil. Sometimes it can be brillant in it's own right.

A dumb insane person can be far more dangerous because they can create damage in a more random path without rhyme or reason, kind of like the cartoon Tazmanian Devil. That's harder to stop beforehand because of the unpredictability. And, they really don't know what the heck they are doing until the damage is done most times.

I think dumb and insane is much worse.

Reverse said...

I can't decide which I am from day to day...on that... I'd go with a smart insane person being the more least on a global scale?

Jeff said...

Smart insane person: Ted Bundy. Saddam.

Dumb insane person: Mike Tyson. Tonya Harding.

Case closed. Next question?