Friday, September 02, 2005

What is Plethora?

I chose the name "Plethora" because I plan on using this blog as a place where I can write about anything I feel like. Some days, it may be just a statement or two about something that I noticed. Others, it may be a rant. The sky is the limit.

For instance, one of the items of interest to me currently is the Farrelly Brothers and their bone-headed decision to make a three-stooges flick, but center the movie around women stooges. I can certainly understand thinking outside the box, but I'm having a difficult time swallowing this. The idea to remake a stooges movie, in my mind, is fantastic and long overdue. I would hope that the integrity of the Stooges would be upheld (the Curley-Shemp days), and I thought the Farrelly brothers would be able to incorporate the Stooges into modern times. But making the Stooges female - I don't get it. If they wanted to do something in the same breath as the Stooges, but with females, that is fine with me. But to actually use the title "The Three Stooges" whilst doing this is beyond me. Maybe it will be successful. Maybe it will be funny. But there ain't no way that it will be the Three Stooges. I think I hear Curley nyucking in his grave.


Ink and Stone said...


I agree with your opinion about the Farrelly Bros. making a female Three Stooges flick. Only thing I can think for why they decided on this, is that their respective wives/girlfriends pissed them off in some way and they want payback without having to sleep on the couch. (i.e. they're making fun of the ladies via a movie)

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I never thought I'd see the words "integrity of the Stooges" together in a sentence.

Jeff said...

That all-female Three Stooges movie will be titled "The Jerry Springer Show."

Reverse said...

3 years later - I've come back from the future to tell Los, the Phillies will win the World Series in 2008.