Thursday, September 08, 2005

Reality T.V. - Enough Already!

I can honestly say that I watch no reality TV whatsoever ... and that is becoming a difficult task, considering that the networks and cable companies continue to try and ram this pig slop down our throats every single day. Consider this - American Idol, one of my least favorite shows in the entire world, concluded their annual dung-fest in early summer. Fox, in its infinite wisdom, put on a dancing show in its time slot for the entire summer. Unfortunately for me, people are watching this, particularly my wife. I hate it! Additionally, I hate the Real World, Road Rules, the Apprentice (although not as much), Wife Swap (or whatever the heck it is called), Nanny 911, or any of the shows that follow stars around (started by Ozzie Ozzbourne - and because of this show, I no longer can stand Ozzie or any of his music). I keep hoping that at some point, the reality thing will pass, kind of like acid-washed jeans. Sadly, I do not see any relief in sight. It is getting harder and harder for me to find good programming on TV. Thank goodness the NHL lockout is over.;


Ink and Stone said...

I agree. "Reality" TV is complete and utter mindless crap. The TV execs who came up with this shit should be put in front of a firing squad.

Ozzy -
I don't think he actually started it. I think shows like Survivor and other endurance shows actually started the whole reality trend.
Don't get me wrong though, I think the Ozzy show was crap, too. I have no desire to see him try to function in a family setting, nor listen to his two whiny spoiled brats.

But I still listen to his music.

"I heard them tell me that this land of dreams was now, I told them I have ridden shooting stars and said I'd show them how." - The Oz man

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

We've had reality TV all of our lives. It's called sports and game shows.

Think about it, the Match Game was a great example of reality TV because it wasn't scripted and it involved a competition. It also had your edgy thing with the battles Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Sommers used to get into. I think it is the ultimate reality tv show.

I do think that this shows how the sexes think. With exceptions, of course, women on the whole are less likely to watch sports than men on a regular basis. Yet, women are more likely to watch the reality TV than men in many cases, as proven by Sue's addiction to the dancing show. With this being the case, why wouldn't women be more into sports like men are? Sports has a lot of the same dynamics as reality tv now.

I, for one, would watch the dancing show strictly because I enjoy watching hot women in tight outfits dance like crazy. I don't know what it is. But that's just me.

Reverse said...

"Reality" TV sucks. It is however the only thing my wife watches. Lagoona Beach will be become the downfall of my marriage...

Jeff said...

I wish there had been a Reality TV Dung-Fest -- that would be far more interesting -- and far more intellectual.

MTV's The Real World: take a bunch of dirt-poor college students who have nothing in common (except maybe being psycho freaks), put them in a big house in a big city, and let them live it up for 3 months without paying any bills or getting a job. Yeah, that's the real world for ya -- only on MTV.

I grew tired of The Osbournes when I could no longer laugh at their dogs taking dumps inside the house.

Dancing with the Stars was great -- just for the accidental comedy of Evander Holyfield. But it would have been funnier with Mike Tyson instead. Once again, Reality TV falls short.