Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Electric NIX

Good News – I got my new cell phone yesterday.

Bad News – Shortly after dinner, the power in our house went out, thanks to an approaching storm.

Really Bad News – After 12+ hours, power has still not been restored to my house. I had to sleep in my basement last night, because that was the only place in my house that was cool enough not to induce uncontrollable sweating.

Potentially Grave News – My wife heard that there is a chance that power won’t be restored in my neighborhood until the weekend. Um, seriously??? This wasn’t that bad of a storm – we went through worse 2 weeks ago. What the hell is going on? I have a fish tank – there is no way my tropical fish will survive more than 1 day without proper filtration. My fridge may as well be a trash can if that is the case.

What I’m Gonna Do About It
·First, I’ll probably have to buy a bunch of ice, and stick anything I can salvage from the fridge and freezer into a cooler.
·Second, I’m going to write PECO a nasty e-mail. I see their shameless self-promotion on TV far too much. Prior to this situation, I didn’t mind too much about it. But after last night, I will only think of PECO in a very negative way. The commercials focus on employees and how they give their all to make sure that we always have power. Well, it’s been 12 hours, and I don’t have any power. I don’t believe your stupid commercials anymore. I want them off the air (which is exactly what is going on at my house … only everything is off the air).
·If the power is still out at my house, I’ll probably have to see if I can sleep over my brother’s house or mom and dad’s house. Joy of joys! What the hell am I gonna do after I get home from work? This is absolutely ridiculous.
·I’ll probably bring in our solar lights from outside to use as night lights. We brought one in last night, and it worked great! Plus, it is safer than candles. Who knew?
·Am I overreacting? Probably. That’s what happens when I get a lack of sleep, and sweat all night.


Christina_the_wench said...

Poor thing. Poor stinky, sweaty thing. j/k ;)

Here's hoping they get their asses in gear and you are up and running soon.

El Padrino said...

that sucks balls bro

i don't wish that on anyone.

Reverse said...

Dude that sucks. If you and the wife need anything don't be a jackass... just give me a call.

Los said...

Well, apparently the power is back on now, according to my wife's latest update. Now, I can go home, and see what I have to throw out (from the fridge and freezer).

El Padrino said...

fuck it
cook it all
when we had tha blackout (aug 03)
we emptied the fridge right onto the grill. whatever we didnt eat we threw out.

Superstar said...

When the power goes out in the summer here in PHX it is hotel time...There is no way I can sleep in 95 at night and 35% humidity...

I can't even imagine w/ the humidity of the East coast how you are as rational as you are!!!

Give them hell!!! Demand a credit for services not provided!

Jeff said...

Lack of air conditioning in 100+ deg heat: one more reason to admire the troops.

Los said...

El Padrino - Thankfully, none of the food in the freezer was damaged. I did throw out a bunch of food in the fridge, though.

Superstar - It was nice to sleep in a cool house again last night.

Jeff - No doubt!

Superstar said...

115 degrees here and WHOOOO EEEEEEE I feel SUPER sexy!!! Sweat pours out of you from every pore...and the idea of bumping uglies??? BAWWAAHHHHH NO WAY!!!!
I am glad to hear that your A/C is back! WHOOOO HOOOO!