Sunday, January 21, 2007

Barker's Billions???

Something’s been bothering me for quite some time, kind of boiling up inside of me like volcanic magma … o.k., maybe not that powerful, but still … The issue at hand involves one of my all-time favorite game shows – The Price is Right. And, no I’m not trying to start a grass-roots plan to get the original Barker’s Beauties back on the show (sorry, Diane).

This particular concern reaches to the very core of the show. Now, mind you, my intentions by bringing this matter up are not meant to bring this addictive show to its knees, but it’s just something I needed to get off of my chest. I think I’ve dragged this on long enough, so here it is …

Why are there commercials on The Price is Right? Isn’t the entire show made up of advertisements for products ranging from chewing gum to cars? Do we really need to cut to commercials from commercials? I’m interested in learning how much this show asks for companies to sponsor their products ON the show. It’s like they are double dipping, isn’t it?

From a marketing point of view, the person or people who created The Price is Right were far ahead of his or their time. Seriously, these guys are making ad-money hand over fist. They are so successful, they NFL seems to mimicking this show, by sticking as many ads in the program as possible (of course, that’s a topic for another blog-rant).

Now that Bob Barker is leaving, The Price is Right has a tremendous opportunity to add even more ads to the show … like, why not make the next “host” a talking sports car (kind of like K.I.T. from Knight Rider). Certainly, Ford, GM, or Chrysler would pay big bucks to involve a car of their own for this, wouldn’t they?

I’m sue the folks at The Price is Right have already considered that … I’m guessing it’s too early to have talking cars as hosts of game shows … of course, maybe I’m just not forward-thinking enough. Perhaps a talking vacuum cleaner … we could call the ladies “Hoover’s Suckers.”


Superstar said...

LOS Are kidding me? LOL ;o)

The Price is Right? This really is a biggie for you.

Hoover's suckers' *chuckle* well, I will give you original and amuse me funny.

I am sure that Rosie O'Donnel is "gunning" for the contract.
he he he he he

Eric said...

I think the best way to profit from Bob leaving is to have a reality game show like American Idol or Rockstar to find the next host. Aka even more ad revenue from a second, primetime show.

Snowelf said...

omg, eric, you may be onto something.

I saw at the gym the other day that Elaine's boss from Seinfield is the host for Family Feud. I was unaware that this show was even still on...

I will never again eat carrots while reading your blog as I almost choked to death. Maybe I should just never again eat carrots... well, unless they are in Chinese food. ;)


Rev. Smokin Steve said...

A NEW CAR!!!!!!

Ink and Stone said...

"The price is wrong, bitch!"

mollymcmo said...

barker is leaving? really? seriously? i'm so outta the loop.

rosie would be awesome, well maybe, at least she'd be an annoying replacement.


mollymcmo said...

and the price is wrong bitch!!!!!!!!!! so happy gilmore, loved that movie where sandler and barker beat the shit outta each other!


Los said...

Superstar - Ugh, Rosie would kill PIR in days.

Eric - Now, that's the kind of thinking that can make you a lot of money!

Snow Elf - Mr. Peterman is actually pretty good on the Feud ... much better than Louie Anderson and that guy from Tool Time.

Rev - Ya have to admit, it is an intriguing topic.

Ink - Happy Gilmore provided Bob Barker with more respect from the masses ... if that's possible.

Molly - Yes, sadly Bob is leaving in the next few months ... this puts PIR at the crossroads ... they must pick the right host.

Reverse said...

Why not just make the host a bunch of hookers... The Price is Right Bitch!

Jeff said...

Bob Barker's replacement should be R. Lee Ermey -- aka Gunny Hartman
from Full Metal Jacket and the host of Mail Call. "The price is wrong. Now drop and give me 25, maggot!"

Snowelf said...

I forgot about this lovely PIR story. My mom works in a nursing home and there is this sweet little old lady there that is no longer allowed to watch PIR because she thinks she's actually playing and she cries when she doesn't win. :( awww....

And what I saw of Mr. Peterman (I could NOT rememeber his name for anything when I was posting earlier!) I didn't mind him at all.


Christina_the_wench said...

OMG who will man the Plinko board now??????