Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Could Ya Keep the Noise Down, Please!

Just as I expected, it was much more difficult to go to work the day after New Years than it was the day after Christmas. I figured I would have plenty of time to recover whilst laying on the couch yesterday, but apparently, I could’ve used another day. My supervisor even said that my eyes were still a little puffy … great.

The funny part is (probably not really that funny, actually) that I wasn’t really that drunk by the time I went to bed on New Years morning. Sure, I was pretty toasted around midnight, thanks to some beer pong, two shots of Apfel Korn, and a shot of tequila.

But shortly after the ball dropped, a dance party broke out in the basement of my brother’s house. Apparently, I must’ve sweat all of the alcohol out of my system, because when my wife were getting ready to leave, I realized that I wasn’t slurring my words, I was walking straight, and there was only one of everybody I looked at. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but I figured that I wouldn’t be hung over two days after this party. Damn tequila!


Jeff said...

Yeah, couldn't be the combination of alcohol, dehydration, and the body clock being turned around in one day ... must be that one shot of tequila!

Hope you were cognizant for the Penn State victory!

Steph said...

It's called getting old.
*Runs away* :P

Fairmaiden327 said...

los i barely functioned yesterday.

Eric said...

I made the horrible decision to turn my long weekend into a 3 day bender and am paying the price. I think the alcohol killed my immune system leaving me susceptible to disease. And now I'm at work wanting to kill myself because I'm so sick.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I didn't even drink much, and I've been feeling like crap for days.

I think 2007 is just killing us all.

Dirty Birdie said...

My husband wasn't smashed either but he still puked his guts out the next day.

You guys are just getting old...ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!

Christina_the_wench said...

Yeah, what dirty said! *hopes she is younger*

El Padrino said...

lesson learned, next time drink more

Superstar said...

@ Dirty: you are mean!!!!

Los: get some airborn and Emergen-C packs...get you back into fighting ASAP!
OH and DUHHHHH TE-KILL-YA!!! I suppose you had the cheap stuff?? The 1800 Cuervo? ~shivers~ YUCK...next time try Patron, or Ciello. Smooth as butter. Minimal hang-over.
~open professional drinking hand book~
LOL ;o)

Los said...

Jeff - I chose not to take those other "causes" into account.

Steph - You are only as old as you feel ... and I feel damn old!"

FM - I feel better today, but still could use more sleep, sheesh!

Eric - 3-day bender? I haven't even tried that since college, I think.

Rev - It must be the ass-play.

DB - No, not old!!!! No!!!!!

Christina - I'm tellin' ya, I gotta start "practicing" more by drinking more often.

ELP - I gotta gear up for new years by drinking every night the week before.

Superstar - Ya know, Cabo ain't so bad either ... but yes, it was the Quervo.

Superstar said...

Worst hangovers ever are from that Cuervo!

Cabo? Is that in the blue bottle...Agave...another one...Crass @ the Jammy reminded me of it...

Cabo in Cabo? Off to Mexico!

Dirty Birdie said...

Cabo Wabo is good. I am a Petron girl myself. Yes, I am a tequilla snob.

I hate to admit it myself Los, but yea, we're getting old dude. I can't get sauced anymore with out serious consequences. Doesn't that blow?? Some how I turned into my parents when I wasn't looking.