Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stoppage Time

1. Now that Parcells has “retired” from the Dallas Cowboys, how many people are left that are still defending T.O. (besides that moron, Michael Irvin)? Who could possibly handle this guy as a head coach at this point? More importantly, who will Jerry Jones bring in to “feed” T.O.?

2. Rumor has it that G.W. is going to urge cuts in gas usage in the U.S. … if congress was still Republican, would he be “urging” this? Just wonderin’.

3. Two of my college roommates and I are planning an extended weekend in a most unusual place … Cleveland. I think we are going to take in a baseball game, visit the Rock and Roll museum … and that’s about all one can do in Cleveland, right?

4. How dare NBC run Heroes the same time as FOX runs 24. Can’t these networks get together and make sure not to run good shows at the same time (I mean seriously, there are enough bad shows on tv that this shouldn’t be a problem). Thank goodness for DVR.

5. Not to give plugs on items, but you must get a ROKU, if you do not have one yet. Basically, it is like a bridge between your computer and stereo, in which you can play all of your I-Tunes radio stations, MP3’s, and Live365 radio stations. With the state of music on terrestrial radio, this is a great alternative to satellite radio (and cheaper, as well). If interested, go to www.rokulabs.com.

6. The Flyers suck this year, and so do the Sixers … I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait for baseball season.

7. The Oscars are happening tonight … and I have no interest … mainly because I have no interest in seeing most of the movies that win awards.


Ink and Stone said...

1. Meh.

2. He's a lying sack of shit.

3. Cleveland! Hey, maybe you can stop by Drew Carey's place and stump him on how similar you two look!

4. Seriously.

5. Icchi, Ni, San, Go, ROKU!

6. Meh.

7. Double Meh. But on the positive side, did you see the promo for the movie '300'? Looks friggin' sweet!

Christina_the_wench said...

Lived in Cleveland for five years. What do you want to do?

*Drew Carey lived in Polish burb of Cleveland.*

El Padrino said...

300 looks awesome
big frank miller fan

sin city rocked balls

El Padrino said...

and los, be careful what you wish for

fucking rev is already talkin shit that rollins said they were the team to beat in the east

that's laughable considering there history

sirgeb said...

It seriously pains me have the Phillies as our best shot at a professional championship. Not that they even have a good shot, but that's Philadelphia Sports for you.

Jeff said...

1. Parcells flat ignored TO. For defenders, there's always Stephen T.O. Smith. Jerry Jones should hire himself to coach.

2. Uh ... Bush pushed for alternative fuel R&D 2 years ago. It's already funded, just not as much as he described last night. Penn State kicked off an "Energy Initiative" R&D program a few months ago, and PSU doesn't work for free.

3. You could throw a '70s party and set the Cuyahoga River on fire. If you REALLY want to amuse yourselves, wear Baltimore Ravens jerseys in Cleveland. "Drew Carey" in a Ravens jersey would be hysterical.

4. Not my problem if NBC doesn't want me to watch Heroes.

5. Good idea ... so far using bad radio as an excuse to read.

6. So am I. The Phillies have the best pitching in the division with 4 all-star starters and a 5th future all-star (Hamels). Should be interesting.

7. Too many awards ceremonies, not enough importance.

Steph said...

Heroes starts here in a few weeks, is it that good? I've seen the previews and it looks interesting.

Superstar said...

7. LOL ;o) Would you watch if I were on??? ~kicks heels up as I turn and walk off~