Monday, January 15, 2007

What a "Pane"

Have you ever had a disappointing experience buying something from somewhere (geez, Los, can you be more vague?)? Yeah, me too. About 3.5 years ago, we bought new doors and windows from one of those “big box” home improvement stores – I won’t give the name away, BUT it rhymes with Chrome Repot. We decided that not only were we going to purchase the doors and windows through them, but we would also go through them with regards to contracting a local handyman to install said doors and windows.

For the most part, the windows are fine – I did notice that one of the basement windows was insufficiently caulked, or at least not caulked with a lot of precision. The doors are another story altogether. I did have the “opportunity” to meet the door installer dude when he was installing the doors, and he seemed like a nice-enough guy – it looked like he took great care in framing our doors and installing them.

BUT, the doors themselves (specifically, the front door) seem to be about as enduring as Fred Taylor’s hamstrings. We’ve had nothing but problems with the door – one of the window springs broke immediately – which kind of sucks, I guess, but we didn’t do anything about it when it happened (because we are lazy and passive, I guess). However, in recent months, the door wasn’t closing properly, and now it won’t close at all, unless we really slam it shut (it looks as if one of the hinges may be bending or something).

Anyway, I’m just writing this to vent, and forewarn all of you if you are thinking about going through a big-box store to do something similar. Spend the extra money – it’ll be worth it. As an aside, I just e-mailed the company to complain – I’ll see if I get any satisfaction from them … but I’m not holding my breath.


El Padrino said...

does this mean everyone is welcome?

if the door is always open......

ToddPacker said...


i feel your pain. i bought some outdoor carpet for my patio area from Home Depot and they convinced me to let their hired hands do the install....big disaster...anyway after many calls to the Depot bigwigs i was able to get a refund. i was also able to get them to admit that the clowns they hire to do their intalls are worthless. They are guys that can't get regular jobs and the main reason they hire them is because they are so cheap...anyway great advice in your post and i hope you get the door issue straightened out.

Kristin said...

We used Chrome Repot to install our new washer/dryer and the installation man hugged me when he left.


Christina_the_wench said...

Hubby's favorite Nascar driver is Tony Stewart so I have to refrain from dissing the sponsor. *ahem*

I am taking this under advisement though. ;)

Dirty Birdie said...

I hate big box stores, their service sucks big donkey dick (haven't been able to use that one in a while, felt good.

carry on.

Los said...

ELP - Ba-da-bing!

TP - Always feels kind of good when somebody else goes through a similar situation.

Kristin - Now that's personal service!

Christina - Beware!!!!

DB - I am starting to really despise them.

Superstar said...

I hate it when I don't get the biggest BANG for my buck!

Hey did you tell the rome repot to "not let the door hit them on the way out?"

*raunt* raunt* raunt* Bada ching...LOL ;o)

Snowelf said...

I worked for a painting and contracting company in StL and we bought tons of things from the Orange Place. Luckily our guys were decent enough that they could install things properly, but I didn't had a house long enough to test anything from there out.

Where I live now we have Menard's Home Improvement Centers. As in John Menard, (also a sponser of NASCAR)and one of the richest men in America--who I have heard is a real pompous ass from some of my teachers-- so nothing else can even compete.

good luck with your door...

sirgeb said...

Try "The Door Store" (yes- that's the name). We got our porch door there and they did a much better job than Agent Orange did with our front door plus they're not too expensive.

Jeff said...

Home Despot is good for exactly 2 things:
1. initial budget estimating
2. redeeming gift certificates.

But at least they didn't leave an ass dent in your car.

Jeff said...

Also glad to know it's not, ahem, the back door that's always open. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Los said...

Superstar - Nice spin!

Snow Elf - no response yet from "orange - juice."

Geb - Will look into it if we find no satisfaction from carrot top

Jeff - we live and we learn, I guess.

Fairmaiden327 said...

Chrome Repot. Oh my. You're a witty one. ha ha. If I can help in the letter writing department in any way, please contact me.