Sunday, January 07, 2007

Forget the Pepperoni...

A close friend of mine, Yon, used to work at a pizza restaurant. Whilst watching the Birds beat the Giants this evening, he told some interesting stories about his time there that I thought I’d share with you … quite frankly, because they are downright funny.

Yon had not made salads for anybody at this place … this should give you an idea of where I’m going. A lady called and asked for just lettuce, and since Yon didn’t know any better, he ended up putting an entire head of lettuce, uncut, in a box and handed it to the lady. His only defense was that he thought that instead of going to the Supermarket, she wanted to stop at the pizza parlor for said head of lettuce. Makes sense … if you’re an idiot.

In another classic Yon mess-up, he was instructed to chop some onions. Now, Yon hated doing this because it always inevitably made him cry. He was eager to find a better way to cut an onion, and his coworkers were all too eager to help. Unfortunately, for Yon, these same coworkers were pranksters. They told him that to eliminate the strong smell of the onion, one had to wrap his head with saran wrap – this would neutralize the powerful stench, and prevent him from shedding tears. Sadly, Yon believed them, and ended up wrapping his noggin with plastic wrap in order to prevent himself from crying … it actually worked, however Yon almost suffocated as a result of this effort.

You know, I really have some “interesting” friends.


Reverse said...

No... you're the interesting friend!

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

No... YOU have interesting friends.

Superstar said...

That reminds of the time that I was in an RV and the pilot light went out. I had to STICK my head inside the oven....That was the year I considered perm make-up...(Opps were those your eyebrows?)

LOL ;o)

Gawd, I am just happy to have it delivered HOT...let alone right. Isn't that extra?

Do you ever look at Yon and think "wow...and you were the strongest swimmer?"??? LOL ;o)

Dirty Birdie said...

ROFLMAO - Yon needs his own show.

Los said...

Reverse - You.

Smokin' - no you!

Superstar - That's what she said.

DB - We are trying feverishly to get Yon on our podcast, to no avail yet.

Dirty Birdie said...

I'm not sure if Yon is a cast member or a victim of Jackass