Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tag, I'm It.

I’ve been tagged, ugh!!!! Don’t worry, I’m not tagging anyone else, because I’m good like that.

6 Strange Things About Me

6. I LOVE pro wrestling … actually, I used to love it – I’m kind of bored with it now, but in recent months, I’ve bought such DVD’s as “The Rise and Fall of the AWA,” and the Roddy Piper DVD, to go with a ton of other wrestling related DVDs … and yes, I’m married, ladies.

5. I HATE ham … and I’m German, which is really weird. I also am not a big fan of most potato products, with the exception of potato chips and shoestring French fries. With this knowledge, I have to believe that I was adopted … or that I’m retarded in German.

4. I am a surprisingly big fan of romantic comedies … not all of them, but a lot of them. Chances are that I’ll get sucked into any rom-com featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (except for Joe vs. the Volcano). But, I HATE Pretty Woman for some reason.

3. Mark Rypien, former NFL quarterback, asked if he could be on my deck hockey team … swear to God! I was a PR intern with the Eagles at the time, and the Birds had just signed him as a backup qb. Well, I was instructed to meet and greet Mark Rypien and keep him company prior to the press conference. He was messing around with a hockey stick that we were getting ready to auction off (Eagles Youth Partnership carnival), and I asked him if he liked hockey. He said if he wasn’t a football player and if he was a little faster, he would’ve loved to have been a hockey player. I mentioned to him that I played on a deck hockey team, and his ears perked up. He asked if there was any room left on the team … which I of course said …. HELL YEAH!!! He said that he had to talk to Ray Rhodes (coach of the team) to see if he was allowed to play. He came up to me a few days later with his head down and said the coach wouldn’t let him play … weird story.

2. I once took a piss next to Michael Buffer (Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!!).

1. I once saw John Tesh in concert … and yes, I’m still married.


Snowelf said...

Los, I just have to say, those are some really fascinating facts! Especially the Rypien one. Wow :)

I, however, just completely bashed a romantic comedy on my blog...sorry. But it was REALLY NOT
GOOD. Seriously. Not good.

Enjoy the SB today! I still can't decide who I care wins or not, but I am kinda leaning for the Colts for the sympathetic reasons you are. That dude has been through a LOT!


Ink and Stone said...

Retarded is an understatement!!! ;-P

Christina_the_wench said...

Well done, grasshopper. *bows*

Eric said...

I love Mark Rypien. I'm convinced the year he won the Superbowl was one of the best teams ever assembled. They kicked ass.

The Rev said...

You love dropping Mark Rypien's name, don't you?

Los said...

Snow Elf - I got a new respect for Mr. Rypien.

Ink - Takes one to know one

Christina - A-tank-ya

Eric - He wasn't very fleet-footed though ... but that Super Bowl ring sure looks nice.

Smokin' - eat it.

Jeff said...

Rasslin' DVDs: the latest investment craze.

Pretty Woman: the movie's premise -- serious power player falls in love with a prostitute -- is a real reach even in porn.

Mark Rypien: a pro sports team wouldn't let its athletes play hockey? Shocking!

Michael Buffer: if only you had farted. (Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!!).

John Tesh concert: Q: What does Karl have in common with a neutered

El Padrino said...

jon tesh

that's hysterical

Superstar said...

Los: None of this is "strange"...hmmmm I want better examples. ~slaps hand on palm of other~
Creative, creative!!! LOL ;o) JUST KIDDIN'
~looks around~
What is the deal w/ John Tesh?!?!?!