Thursday, February 15, 2007

What to Do???

Can baseball season get here sooner? Since the Eagles were knocked out of the playoffs a few weeks ago, TV watching has become difficult. The Sixers are bad, the Flyers are worse, and college basketball really doesn’t become interesting for another month. Two nights ago, I found myself watching a show on “Canada’s Roswell” on the History Channel … yep, that’s slim pickens.

I refuse to watch any and all reality shows, which reduces my choices dramatically. That being said, I have a list of shows that I absolutely love (in no particular order):

The Office – Some people like it … others don’t get it. I absolutely love it. The entire cast is brilliant, and you can pick out your coworkers in the over-the-top stereotypical ones they showcase. Fantastically written, and very creative in my opinion … and one of the few shows that can make me laugh so hard that I fart.

My Name is Earl – Cute little red-neck style comedy with a nice little happy-ending in each episode (no, not that kind of happy ending you perverted jerks). The Randy character is possibly the best supporting character of any current comedy in my opinion (although Schrute comes in a close second).

Heroes – The storylines are a little over the top, but still a very cool concept. Some of the acting could be better, but that might be what makes this show work in a weird way. It is a good drama that has nothing in common with those crime solving shoes that are almost as abundant as reality shows. Refreshing in a way.

24 – Jack Bauer rules! He is the best ass-kicking good-guy since Kojak. Sometimes it’s hard to believe all of that stuff happens in a 24-hour period, especially considering they never seem to show any of these people going to the bathroom, eating, or drinking for that matter.

Lost – Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. The scheduling of the show is awful. We had to wait 2 months for the season to continue for crying out loud. But, it is very well written, the acting is great, and the symbolism used in the show allows hard-core fans to try and dig deeper (I’m not one of them, but I’ll read articles that others come up with).

Arrested Development – I refuse to believe this show was canceled. Yet, King of Queens is still on, AND 2 ½ Men is apparently the most watched comedy on television. Somebody is doing some awful things to the wate.

*** I don’t watch any of the HBO shows, because I’m still having trouble believing HBO should be doing more than showing movies and boxing matches. I hear the shows are great, but I can’t get past it (much like I can’t get over paying for radio). ***


Jeff said...

24. Period.

We know Jack Bauer eats, because he reversed after shooting Curtis earlier this season. Maybe that was terrorist neck meat he barfed.

Remind me never to watch The Office with you -- makes you laugh so hard that you fart.

NBC is advertising that a character will die in the Heroes next episode. How unlike reality shows. 24 never advertises its characters' deaths.

Reverse said...

"It's not TV... it's HBO!"

The only solution to the LOST time schedule is to DVR or TIVO.

The Office is my favorite comedy (I'm not refering to Lockheed at this moment in time).

Best drama... I'd have to go with a shocker for most of you... Battlestar Galactica. The acting and storylines kick ass.

sirgeb said...

Other DVR Gems: all these shows are shows that I don't watch live because of when they're on, but awesome for the DVR.

Colbert Report - daily amusement, it's gotten better than the Daily Show.

The Soup/Best Week Ever - both hilarious in their own ways, and keep you up to date on what the hell happened this week.

The Discovery Channel Trio:
Dirty Jobs/Mythbusters/The Deadliest Catch
All interesting shows- especially if you like Mike Rowe (he narriates Deadliest Catch). I'm not sure why fishing for crabs is so freaking entertaining, but it really is.

DVRs are like cell phones, you don't think you need them until you have one.

Ink and Stone said...

Don't forget 'Supernatural' - Two brothers travelling the country hunting down and destroying supernatural (duh!) baddies.

'The Dresden Files' comes on Sunday night on Sci-Fi. It's pretty good. It's about a private-eye who uses magic to solve crimes.

Of course, the History Channel, Discovery, and Animal Planet are all good channels, too.

And yes, while you were watching the superbowl, I was watching the puppy bowl... I want a Samoyed!

Eric said...

This is kind of creepy to say but that is my exact TV lineup as well. Except that I've added 30 Rock into the mix, and because of the Scrubs since it's between The Office and 30 Rock.

Christina_the_wench said...

I don't watch any of those. But we'll always have the hockey thing??

Dirty Blonde said...

Tried to watch Ugly Betty last night....haaaated it.

ToddPacker said...

nice post los... hbo shows are great you should check them out, but what the hell do i know, i also pay for satellite radio

mollymcmo said...

damn we have NO shows i common, i'm a reality tv show whore. nuff said.

sweet 16 on MTV, while i can't get over these spoiled rich bitches i.can't.stop.watching

survivor, i've been faithfull since day 1
deal or no deal

non reality greys anatomy, ER, desperate housewives

i could go on and on but i'll stop now.


El Padrino said...

hbo is good shit, wake up already

Superstar said...

Have you tried watching Courtney Cox's "dirt"? OMG GREAT stuff! FX network. ;o)

How about ER, Grey's anatomy, Men in Tree's, CSI LV, Miami,
OHif you like 24 you should LOVE "bones, and House on the FX network....hmmmm oh Psych, Monk, numbers, Las Vegas, Brothers and Sisters...

Gawd, I just realized how much TV I watch! Sumofabi*ch!

Los said...

Jeff - See, with 24, you expect the unexpected ... with the exception of Jack Bauer dying. He was in China 10 hours ago for chrissakes.

Reverse - Actually, Sue and I have stayed up for Lost the past two weeks.

Geb - Colbert is hysterical ...I like the Soup when I actually watch it, but usually, I have no interest.

Ink - Shocking, you like Sci-Fi?

Eric - I actually like Scrubs, just didn't put it on the list. I saw the Valentine's 30-Rock, but didn't like it. I'll give it another shot.

Christina - I'm one of the few hockey fans in Philly that is still watching hockey (The Flyers stink).

DB - I can't understand how that show won so many awards.

TP - About 1000 people have told me to do this - I just can't. I'm already so far behind with all the shows, it's not worth trying to catch up.

Molly - You'd get along well with my wife.

ELP - See the comment I made to TP.

Superstar - There are so many crime shows now that I can't get into it. My wife loves Dirt (the show, that is).

mollymcmo said...

super i forgot house! how in the hell did i forget that sarcastic bastard??!! LOL! love him! one of the docs fixed a drainage system at work that we were stumped on and he commented "oh yeah, i'm so doctor house".......ok one of those things ya gotta be there!

your wife likes the same stuff huh? well that she's freakin awesome! :)


Snowelf said...

Hey ya Los. :)

Lost and Grey's are about the only shows I watch religiously. Otherwise if something is on and I'm paying attention, I'll watch it. I don't have real cable though, so I miss a lot of the stuff I like. (Like the sci-fi stuff and the History Channel stuff)