Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Recap

So, my wife and I joined her family for Easter brunch at a place called Meridiths – a fancy little restaurant … and when I say little, I mean small. I enjoyed the spread they had, but why is it that all of these trendy restaurants have to all be so little and poorly laid out? Is this one of the “check-marks” of being trendy? These places end up hauling in as many tables and chairs as possible, making it difficult to just even get to your table, let alone pull the chair out and sit. Couple that with a “buffet-style” brunch, and you’re just asking for collisions involving eggs, sausages, and even salmon. This place also had one “restroom,” which consisted of exactly one toilet and one sink. This was “conveniently” located behind the “maitre-d” podium. For the love of God, let’s put together a more intelligent floor plan, and let’s introduce another bathroom.

My wife and I were invited to my brother’s wife’s parents’ house for Easter dinner later that day. As you may have read in my previous post, I absolutely hate ham, but feel bad about being invited to somebody’s house for Easter dinner, because I know that they have to make concessions for me. The dinner served on Sunday was pork, but I know most of the people there probably would’ve preferred ham. Seriously, just tell me to bring my own hoagie or something like that – I won’t be offended … heck, I love hoagies. Everyone else can enjoy their ham and not have to worry about the one person who can’t stand ham … I don’t mind, I can take care of myself. Cook the ham, dammit!!!!

Other than that, the weekend was uneventful. On Friday, Schue and I did a massive house-cleaning, which brought on a sense of accomplishment for yours truly. Additionally, I FINALLY finished Lego Star Wars … completed 100% of it. It felt like it took forever … thankfully, the game keeps track of how long one plays … I clocked in at just over 67 hours. So, the good news is, I can move onto a new game. The bad news is, I now have to figure out which game that’ll be. Any suggestions (remember, I own a Wii) are appreciated.


Jeff said...

I'm glad to have not seen any collisions involving sausages.

Elena's family also had pork, and nobody there has any ham issues.

Can't help with game ideas ... How about physical activity or a book?

This past weekend was also the NCAA Wrestling tournament. PSU finished 3rd and had an individual champion (Phil Davis at 197). Can't wait until the NCAAs come to Philly in 2011.

Lisa said...

It's all fun and easter egg games til your egg runs into a random sausage at the buffet. Oh no, I shudder to think!!!

BTW, I'm bummed I dint make the bar tour. :-( I'm dying to go to the Frontier.

....Babs Peapod

schue said...

I hate it when bathrooms are located in the center of the restaurant. I've got a fear the door is going to open and the entire dining area can see you. Also, if someone makes it stinky, everyone knows who did it.

-B- said...

I still can't understand your extreme hate for ham. We'll have to break him of this, eh gang?

That restaurant sounded too tight to enjoy - and that maitre-d must LOVE his job!!lol

Game: Get yourself a happy Xbox 360 and pick up a little-known game called Grand Theft Auto IV on the 29th. This time there's Multi-player!!!!

Ink and Stone said...

I had shrimp and german potato salad for Easter dinner. Mmmmmmm.

As for a Wii game?? Godzilla Unleashed!

El Padrino said...


I dont care for ham myself
cold cuts yes but cooked ham not so much

The Rev said...

How do you know they didn't want to make pork in the first place?

sirgeb said...

Mario Galaxy is a freaking great game.

We can do a swap of Mario Galaxy for Lego Star Wars.

Reverse said...

LOL... I could see Los having a long drawn out debate with Martha Stewart on the negative impact of Ham has had within the German Community.

Paige Jennifer said...

What? You don't like having to crawl under the table to access the bathroom which happens to be next door at Starbucks because the eatery used the space for a table that seats four?

Superstar said...

no sausages collided in the bathroom right??? Oh wait, that would have required the stalls and foot tapping!!! hehehe

SO, leggos ont he computer? I have no idea...I didn't even know there was such a thing!!!

minijonb said...

congrats on finishing the game! are you now a jedi lego master?

Los said...

Jeff - Who would've thought that sausage comment would get so much play?

Lisa - See what I mean?

Schue - that Maitre'd better hope the food is good!

B - It's just one of those things - I got sick on it a few times as a kid, and now it's psychological.

Ink - What a shock that you suggested a monster game, and not a sports game!

ElP - I'm ok with an Italian hoagie, as long as there is enough other stuff to drown out the ham taste.

Rev - Easter=Ham, just like Thanksgiving = Turkey.

Sir Geb - I'll take you up on that!

Rev - Funny that the German community loves ham and potatoes, yet I don't.

Paige - They should just install toilets in the chairs at this point.

Superstar - the Leggo Star Wars games are addicting. Can't wait for the Indiana Jones lego game!

Minijonb - Who would've thunk it - I only had a passing interest in legos as a kid.