Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Really Important Topic

The Rev and I got into an “interesting” conversation during lunch today – I think it started when I noticed that he had not eaten any of his green beans. He informed me that they were “boring.” I suggested dipping them in chocolate or maybe peanut butter, which actually got us to the conversation we had.

Specifically, we heatedly discussed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. First, and foremost, I said, I preferred grape jam, as opposed to jelly, mainly because it spreads more evenly than jelly, which tends to glob up in certain areas. This is probably not an issue to some PB&J “novices,” but I enjoy a consistent jelly/jam flavor throughout the sandwich, and don’t like getting overwhelmed with too much jelly. The Rev wondered aloud how I felt about preserves, but in my 30+ years of PB&J, I don’t think I’ve ever used preserves to go along with peanut butter (in fact, I’m not sure if that’s really even legal).

The second item we talked about was white bread. I’ve discussed this with my wife as well, but I really do think that white bread should be renamed “toast bread.” I’m not really sure why it should be renamed this, other than it is the best tasting toasted bread out there. The Rev brought up wheat bread, but there is seriously no comparison. And that whole grain white bread, while tasting similar to “toast bread,” doesn’t hold up well to toasting.

Speaking of which, my favorite “toast bread” is Maier’s Italian “toast bread.” The Rev claimed that this isn’t really “toast bread,” and more Italian bread. I told him to shut the hell up and finish his green beans.


Steve and Des said...

Smuckers makes a hell of a jelly, which I guess is obvious because with a name like Smuckers it has to be good. But seriously, the upside down container stuff gives you an awesome distribution.

snowelf said...

I totally agree about the white bread making the best toast! And I love when your toast comes out of the toaster and the outside is golden brown and the inside is kinda soft and chewy...mmm...yummy!

I always buy wheat bread for my house, though, so I rarely get to eat toast bread.


The Rev said...

You know what really makes good toast?

English muffins.

The Rev said...

And I still say that Smuckers Goober Grape is one of the best products ever invented, damn your eyes!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

Agreed on the english muffins ... they make the most surpreme toasting bread. The grossest toast (aka groast), rye bread. ew! ... Babs

-B- said...

It is not really "toast bread" unless it is already toasted, right? Maybe it could be called "toasting bread"....
Wait - if it is already toasted, it should be called "toasted bread".
Wow, we're talking about toast. We need help!
Rye bread is just nasty anyway.

Ink and Stone said...

White bread is good.
Pumpernickel is better.
Rye is best!

But for PB&J's, only white bread tastes good. And the best jelly to use is Mint flavored!
For sandwiches, Rye or Pumpernickel.

Christina_the_wench said...

Homemade strawberry perserves and chunky peanut butter on white bread.

Thank you. Now I am hungry for lunch.

El Padrino said...

preserves are excellent

Jeff said...

White bread renamed "toast bread"? Must have been one hell of a St. Patrick's hangover.

Sourdough. Period.

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

Jelly? Jam? No way! It's honey you want with your peanut butter.

Sheesh. Novices, indeed.

Superstar said...

I am so joining your lunch disscussions...LOL

Given my dislike of peanut butter, I prefer strawberry jam, and either Cool ranch Doritos or Salt and Vinegar chips. With out the chips...I might as well eat a salad.

my great grandma used to use apple butter for her PB & J's...it just doesn't sound right...LOL ;o)

Los said...

Steve - I'm a big fan of the upside down container and not having to use a knife to scoop out the jelly/jam.

Snowelf - I tried the whole wheat bread, I just don't like it enough.

Rev - English muffins are good, especially with turkey.

Webcam - Die!

Babs - I actually like rye, as long is it doesn't have any of those disgusting seeds.

B - Trust me, it should be called "toast bread!"

Ink - never tried the mint jelly, but would be willing to try ...

Christina - I can't do strawberry with peanut butter, I have standards!

ElP - I'll give it a try.

Jeff - I like sourdough, but only with breakfast and meat, not with PBJ.

Coffee - I'll give honey a shot, but I'm not confident about it.

Superstar - Wow, a dislike of Peanut butter? Are you allergic?