Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Couple of Things ...

Ray-Ray came over my house on Monday night, mainly because he wanted to watch the Flyers, and he still doesn’t have cable TV in his new house (the township is apparently jerking his chain with regards to allowing him to get Verizon cable services – a whole other story).

Anyway, while he was over, we decided to do a podcast. Much like the first one I did with Slant, this one starts out kind of slow – we talk about the difficulties associated with being a Philadelphia sports fan, and the steroids issue. But towards the end, it gets really funny – Ray-Ray came up with an interesting game, which resulted in some pretty funny responses, in addition to the time I went to a John Tesh concert (no, I’m not gay).

We’re definitely going to add more structure to the podcast in the near future, plus, we’ll hopefully get the Rev involved again to make it sound more professional. Check out the podcast (if you have any interest at all) at:

On a side note, I am going to be a special “guest” on the Pork and Beans podcast. We’ll be talking about some classic Commodore 64 games – if you remember this system, you may want to have a listen - not sure when Beans will be posting the new episode.
Check it out at:

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Jeff said...

John Tesh concert. Dancing to "It's Raining Men."

If not gay, this is a Britney-like train wreck.