Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trendy Transformation????

Last weekend, we decided to put together our own St. Patrick’s Day bar tour in Delco. There was already something called “The Blarney Bus” which was a bus service sponsored by 5 local bars (up and down Mac Dade Blvd.), but we decided to take our own bus …. AKA Septa. The bars we chose weren’t on the “Blarney Bus” route, which meant they weren’t as crowded as those aforementioned bars. Plus, they tended to be more like dive bars … which is just the way I like it.

I wanted to point out one bar in particular – The Frontier Saloon, located near rt. 420 and Mac Dade Blvd. The bar fits every definition of a dive bar. Weekend NASCAR races televised on the big screen? Check! A six pack store attached to it, so the party doesn’t have to end at 2:00 a.m.? Check! Pictures of naked Indian chicks inside? Check! A popcorn machine that dispenses free popcorn? You betcha!

However, there was one thing that didn’t fit. The Frontier has decided to try and become a little more upscale, as evidenced by the amazing draft beer selection. Some of the brews included Troegs, Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, and Blue Moon. These drafts are normally found in the “trendy” areas of Philly, and some of the more upscale places in Delco … certainly not something one would expect to ever be sold at the Frontier. I mean, the normal clientele there thinks Miller High Life in a bottle is upscale.

Which got me to thinking. Is this bar really trying to change its image? If so, what steps will it take? Will it get rid of NASCAR in favor of PBS? What about removing the naked chicks with pictures of people smoking pipes? One thing that makes me think the image won’t change, at least not that rapidly, is a sign I saw at the bar. I kid you not, the sign said “Draft Beer Available To Go.” How is that possible? Are they giving out McDonalds cups? Do you need to bring in your own sippy cup? Is this such a good idea for a bar to be doing?

BTW, if you don’t believe me about that sign, check out my wife’s website at Her latest post has lots of pictures of the bar tour, including a picture of us standing next to an ape trying to sell cheese-steaks.


Jeff said...

Cities with open container laws: New Orleans, Savannah ... Prospect Park?

People smoking pipes are trendy? In which century?

We see that cheesesteak ape every day on the way home from work. Great picture with him ... the resemblence is uncanny.

schue said...

Ahh, the frontier saloon. I posted a new blog, the link is at the end. Naked Native American girl every 15 minutes! I think there are free hot dogs during NASCAR.

The Rev said...

The Frontier...

they make great onion rings.

At least they did years ago when I was last there.

sirgeb said...

Saw your blog about the O-DBT. Didn’t know frontier had a website. They list their draft beer selection, and I’d bet that they have the best draft beer selection in the Interboro/Ridley area.

Mad Elf
Dead Guy
Arrogant B*stard
Ommegang Choc.
Flying Fish
Magic Hat Roxi Rolls
Sly Fox Pils
Dogfish Head 60 min IPA

Their worst draft beer is Labatts! Oh and they sell draft beer via Growlers. It makes sense now that I read that.

El Padrino said...

there is a deli in brooklyn that sells draft beer in a stryofoam cup

secretively of course

Reverse said...

I gotta try that dead guy ale!