Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fast Food Corner

I am blessed to live near Philadelphia ... and, no, it's obviously not because of the mostly inept sports teams that call the City of Brotherly Love home. Actually, it's really because of cheese-steaks! People outside of Philly can't understand all the hub-bub (yeah, I went with that word) over cheese-steaks, and there's one major reason - PHILLY ROLLS!

You HAVE to use the right roll when making a cheese-steak - it's probably the most overlooked item in the making of a cheese-steak - and that's really the main reason why these "Philly Cheese-steak" joints outside of Philadelphia don't measure up. Seriously, the other ingredients are important - you need a high quality beef, good cheese, perfectly sauteed onions, but if you fail to use a good roll, you will fail.

If you ever visit Philly, you HAVE to get a cheese-steak, and here are just a few of the fine restaurants in Philly that serve fantastic ones (in no particular order):

1. Pat's - probably the most famous of the cheese-steak franchises, this sits in the heart of South Philly on 9th and Passyunk, complete with gaudy neon lights, and beef that is chopped finely. Can't go wrong here.

2. Geno's - A close (and not so friendly) neighbor of Pat's - steak that is not chopped, but tastes fantastic. Most Philadelphians say you either love Geno's or Pat's, but you can't love both. I say, bull!

3. Jim's - This restaurant is conveniently located on South Street. Generous portions of steak, and a 2nd floor that provides a great view of South Street. Lot's of pics of famous people too.

4. Ishkabibles is also located on South Street, and has good cheese-steaks. They also have really good fries and wings ... in case you aren't in the mood for cheese-steaks ... for some weird reason.

5. Leo's - This one's not in the city. Actually, it's located in Sharon Hill ... but, it's one of the best in the area.... large amounts of beef, great rolls, and local (for me).


Jeff said...

But that picture is so thoroughly unappetizing ... Cheese Whiz negates any benefit of good bread.

The Gumbo Shoppe in Aston had great Cajun Cheesesteaks. RIP.

Heff said...

Aw, I'd LOVE to get naked and roll around in that sandwhich !!

...sorry, I couldn't contain myself..

snowelf said...

Philly is one of the cities I still need to get to...I want to eat a REAL cheese steak before I die.

A girl's gotta have goals, right? ;)


sirgeb said...

From what I've heard, Jim's is the best (even though the Pat's/Geno's rivalry is more famous)

Let's not forget Tony Luke's. They make a good Cheesesteak, have stands at the Phillies Stadium and have patented a process of freezing a cheese steak for shipping (you can buy them on QVC).
It's about as close as the rest of the country will ever come to getting an authentic cheese steak experience:

Bottom Line: You can get great cheesesteaks all over the Philly area.

sirgeb said...

crap- it cut off the link:
just google:
tony luke patent
and it should be the first article

schue said...

I love Jim's because they chop up the meat, however they don't have cheese fries and your jacket stinks for days after standing in line. I think you can get a cheese steak from any random pizza place in the philly area and it's gonna be good.

-B- said...

I don't think I've ever tried one with the Whiz, always real cheese. That stuff from a can scares me, it's not of this planet!! But some around here swear that's the ONLY way to eat it.

El Padrino said...

been to pat's

tony luke didnt make the cut huh?