Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jose, You Can't See ...

There was a story on a few days ago that steroid-injecting legend Jose Canseco will be fighting in a Mixed Martial Arts match. Really? At this point, Gene Simmons thinks that Jose Canseco has whored himself out too much. What's next, the Canseco Grill (a knock on the Foreman Grill for you slow readers)?

I'm pretty sure Jose made quite a bit of money as a baseball player, right? I'm also guessing he hauled in some cash with his books ... not too mention through speaking engagements and commercials, he's probably raked in many millions of dollars. How the heck is he broke at this point? Has he been buying gold toilet paper or something?

He did some "celebrity" boxing matches about a year ago, and got his bloated butt kicked. Obviously, he has no chance in the Octagon. I mean, will people buy the PPV just to see him get obliterated? I guess that's what the people running the show are hoping for.

Part of me feels sorry for the guy ... obviously, he lived beyond his means ... but, seriously, what the heck did he do with all that money? Steroids aren't that expensive, are they?


Jeff said...

Anyone who sleeps with Madonna lacks sound judgment.

Read this article: "How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke"

And the article doesn't even mention Mike Tyson!

Sandi said...

"Gene Simmons thinks Jose Conseco has whored himself out too much"

Great line.

schue said...

don't forget he was on the Surreal Live Season 5, Why did that show end? It was great.

Heff said...

I loved the Gene Simmons line myself, other than that, I have nothing to add.