Monday, May 11, 2009

Seriously, Bret?

Seriously, Mr. Favre ... it's time to stay retired. We've put up with your act for quite a few years now ... teetering on the brink of retirement and coming back to the NFL ... We're sick of the circus atmosphere you've created and allowed to fester. We were ok with your act a few years ago ... heck, you were a legend in the sport, and you gave us many years of joy. But now, it's just plain sad, seeing a guy who no longer has what it takes to be an NFL player, trying to come back again and again.

We even were sort of ok with you coming back last year with the New York Jets ... many of us felt that you may have been unceremoniously released by the Packers ... we were all probably wrong. The Packers had enough of your "uncertainty" act. You became a diva who wanted the Packers to beg you to come back. When the Packers held you to your "retirement wishes," you got pissed off. You immediately acted like a baby who cries because he can't have his cookie.

The Packers allowed you to start all over with the Jets, but this wasn't enough for you. No, you want to get back at the Packers, and are now considering a move to play for the Minnesota Vikings, so that you can stick it to the team and city you used to "own." Seriously, Bret, it's time for you to grow up ... it's time for you to get over the fact that the Packers moved on. Why don't you just ride off into the sunset with a little bit of grace for once?


El Padrino said...

amen. what a drama star

sirgeb said...

If he plays, at least Favre can then further build on his lead for "Most Interceptions EVAR" by a QB.

Also holding out hope that Madden will unretire to cover some more of Bret's games- BOOM!

Jeff said...

Unemployment for Madden and Caliendo costs too much.

snowelf said...

AMEN! Seriously. He's so not cool.